Thursday, March 12, 2015

Are You Man Enough? Part Three

"My god--I just had an orgasm without doing anything!" Jack thought.

"Surprised, darling? Just one more element of our control," Ms. Demanden explained. "Get used to it. Now, let's find you some clothes so you can meet the rest of the staff."

She led the hapless young man (?) to a large room, with closets and dressers all around. "As you can see, our style is based on the look of the early 1950s. Now, would you rather be a petticoated debutante co-ed, or a sophisticated office girl?" she asked, pointing to racks of two very different sets of clothes.

Jack gasped. Both styles were overwhelmingly feminine--one emphasizing a floaty, flirtatious appearance; the other a more restricted, constricted look that made his hourglass figure very apparent.

"If I choose the petticoats, what would be my role in the company?" he asked.

"Our petti-girls act as models, as personal attendants to senior staff, as escorts for our clients on business trips," Ms. Demanden replied. "Does that sound like something you'd enjoy?"

It was far too subservient a role for Jack to envision himself in...especially that part about being an escort. He shook his head no. "And in the business clothing?"

"You would be a member of the office staff, with the opportunity to advance to higher levels."

Jack, realizing this might be the last choice he was given in his new life, pointed to the business clothes. "Then I'd prefer to wear the office attire," he said.

"I suspected as fact, I was hoping you would make that decision. I have plans for you, Jacqueline, plans that will make you an invaluable asset to our firm." She summoned another group of assistants, who soon had Jack clad in the trim, but sexy, suit.

He saw himself in a mirror and sighed, "I am a pretty, sexy girl, aren't I?"

"Yes, dear, you are...and you will be even more attractive as we train you...."


Six months later....

Jacqueline met the young man in the reception area. "Ms. Demanden is away on business," she said. "Welcome to Pansy Enterprises. I am Jacqueline Jeunefille, her assistant. I will guide you into becoming a Pansy...

"Are you man enough?"


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