Friday, March 27, 2015

Turning Trixie Part Three

Madame looked through the various outfits, finally choosing an amazing pink confection. "Pink is always the color for sissies, Trixie..."

"Pink is the color for sissies..." he murmured in reply.

While her assistants worked at getting Tom into the layers of petticoats and satin, Madame deepened his new persona. "Trixie loves pink...Trixie loves petticoats...Trixie loves nylons and high heels...Trixie will always wear these things..."

"Trixie always wears pink, petticoats, nylons and heels..."

"Tom is only a distant memory, one that can be recalled with the words turning back Tom. But Trixie will return with the words turning Trixie..."

"Yes, Madame..."

Finally, the new image of Trixie was complete and Madame stepped aside to reveal it to the audience. They responded with applause and laughter. As the club leader stepped back on stage, Madame led her newly created sissy behind a curtain, where an attractive middle-aged woman awaited.

"Are you satisfied, Ms. Demanden?" Madame asked of the woman.

"Very much so, Madame," she answered, handing her an envelope thick with cash.

Madame turned to Tom/Trixie. "Do you recognize this woman, Trixie?"

"Yes, she is my Aunt Vera..."

"Yes, your Aunt Vera has rewarded me handsomely for my efforts this evening...she is now your mistress. Obey her as you would me."

Vera Demanden looked at her transformed nephew and said, "Turning back Tom..." Instantly a different light appeared in the sissy's eyes and he gasped.

"Aunt Vera...what have you done?" he asked.

"You were squandering your trust fund on your little indulgences. I knew you would be intrigued by Madame's demonstration, so I arranged for her to pick you as her subject. Now, you will be my indulgence, as it were. Come, it's time we were turning Trixie."

And Tom fell back into his sissy trance, now completely in the thrall of his aunt, who would have a whole range of ways to use her new acquisition.


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