Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Are You Man Enough? Part Two

"Oh, dear...I can see you need some help understanding," Ms. Demanden said, pulling up a chair next to him. "Well, Jacqueline, Pansy Enterprises specializes in creating wardrobe and accessories for the high-end crossdresser community--both those who have chosen the life for themselves and those brought to it by wives, lovers or other forceful women. I, myself, am just one such woman. I have chosen to staff my company only with men who dress and live as women. Many of them have come to me from my customers, others I have...recruited...as I did you."

"But...but...how did I get to look like this?" Jack protested, suddenly shocked to hear his voice...now soft, breathy and feminine in sound.

"The 'test' I gave you was actually a computer program that re-arranged your mind into a more feminine configuration," she explained. "I followed that with a series of physical processes that made your body match your new mind."

Jack's hands flew to his panty-covered crotch. "Oh no, dear," Ms. Demanden said, laughing. "We haven't de-sexed you...you still have a quite nice, fully functioning sissy-cock. I insist on that. However, you may find it is not totally under your control. For instance, hard as a rod...."

Instantly, Jack felt his cock grow in his panties, engorged and stiff. He had a massive hard-on and hadn't even touched himself. "Yes, those of us who know your secret words will have full control of your sexual life, dear. Soft and sissy..." And with those words, Jack's arousal subsided to nothing.

"Now, dear, we have to get you ready to take your place among the staff--you can't work in the near-nude, after all. First of all, the appropriate foundation wear." She snapped her fingers and a trio of girls--who Jack now realized were all like him, feminized men--descended upon him. In short order, he was in a completely new set of garments.

The most incredible was an all-in-one girdle that lifted and separated his new breasts--were they really the 38Ds they seemed to be?--while it simultaneously restricted his waist to a tiny 24 inches. The padding rounded his hips and butt into a feminine shape as well. Attached to it by garters were white stockings and his feet were slipped into white pumps with four-inch heels.

"We'll get you used to even higher ones, soon, Jacqueline," Ms. Demanden advised. "Legs as sexy as those deserve the highest heels you can manage!" As she spoke the attendants smoothed above-the-elbow gloves over his arms.

"Ms. Demanden," Jack protested, "surely this is not office attire?"

"Oh, no, dear...your first assignment is as a catalog model. All my little Pansies take a turn at that role." She opened the door and led him to the next room, a photography studio. "Sit there," she said, pointing to a vanity. "Gwendolyn, our makeup specialist, will be with you momentarily."

Makeup? He wasn't sufficiently feminized already? And why did he feel his --what did Ms. Demanden call it?--his sissy-cock rising in his panties again?

Gwendolyn was a magician. By the time she was done, Jack's own mother would not have recognized him as the male he had been since birth. Ms. Demanden escorted him to a photo area set up as an elegant boudoir. There, she and the photographer ran him through a series of poses as the camera flashed. Jack found it surprisingly easy to take on these feminine postures and gestures, as though they had always been natural to him. He suspected they were another part of the "programming" he had been subjected to earlier.

He also noticed that the more femininely he acted, the more his...sissy-cock...grew. It now made an obvious bulge in his feminine attire--one the photographer often seemed to want to emphasize with lighting and pose.

Finally, they seemed to be done and the photographer began packing up. Jack relaxed...and then Ms. Demanden walked to his side and whispered in his ear: "Spurt-spasm..."

Instantly, his sissy-cock erupted, flooding his panties.


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