Monday, March 23, 2015

Turning Trixie

Tom had always been intrigued by kinky sex, so when the local BDSM club announced an open meeting for a special demonstration, he was eager to take the opportunity.

Arriving at the club, he was surprised to see that the demo area was not an array of bondage paraphernalia--no stocks, no crosses, no chains. "What kind of demonstration will this be?" he wondered.

Just as that thought entered his mind, a tall, stunning redhead in a clinging gown stood before him. She looked him up and down and said, "Yes, you'll do nicely." She gripped him at the waist and stared into his eyes, then moved her hand across his face and said, "Sleep."

Tom shook his head awake and looked around. The woman was gone...and he could barely remember the encounter at all. At that moment, the club president called the meeting to order and asked all present to take their seats. Tom took a seat near the middle on the aisle.

After some brief club business, the president introduced their guest demonstrator: "Ladies and gentlemen, Madame Fabricantfille!" That same tall redhead moved sensuously onto the stage and bowed to the applause. "Thank you," she said. "Tonight I will show you the power of hypnosis to completely transform a subject." She looked out over the audience and her eyes locked on Tom. "Trixie, come to me," she beckoned.

With those words, Tom's eyes glazed over and he robotically rose and walked to the stage. "I chose this young man earlier this evening--although he does not remember the choosing--because he has all the necessary attributes for my demonstration." She turned her attention to him. "What is your name?"

"My name is Trixie," he answered in a dull monotone.

"That is not the name you came in with, is it?"

"No, Ma'am, when I arrived I was Tom. You changed my name."

"That is only the beginning of your changes...strip, Trixie." Mesmerized, Tom removed every stitch of his clothes, standing naked before Madame and the crowd. "As you can see, Trixie is quite small and slender, and very nearly hairless." She again took him by the waist and clasped him to her, gazing deep into his eyes. "Now I take you deeper into trance, Trixie, sink deep...sink deeper...your mind is a blank, you have no thoughts, no will, except mine...."

"No thoughts, no will except yours," Tom droned in response.

Madame gestured to the wings and two assistants brought in a clothing rack with an array of feminine garb. "I am now going to dress you, Trixie, and with each item of clothing you will lose more and more of your male self and become the feminine Trixie..."

"I wil become feminine..."

She began with a pair of satin panties, drawing them up his smooth legs and settling them over his crotch and bottom. She didn't hesitate to note the reaction of his privates to their touch. Next came a pair of stay-up thigh-high hose, near black, that the assistants drew over his legs.

Madame herself chose the bra, a lacy pink thing that matched the panties, and she carefully arranged falsies and Tom's own flesh to create a convincing cleavage.

"Fortunately, Trixie's hair is also fairly long, so a wig will not be required. However, a more feminine style is needed. Sit, Trixie..." Tom dropped into the chair, puppet-like, and the assistants began setting his hair on rollers. "Even this only makes you more girlish, Trixie...

"More girlish..." he mummered.

The crowd applauded lightly at Madame's accomplishment...but the evening was not yet complete...


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