Friday, October 2, 2015

Ms. Demanden's Family

CHAPTER ONE: Making Maid Madelyne

You are submissive...submission is obedience...obedience is pleasure...pleasure is arousal...pretty girls are submissive...pretty girls are obedient...pretty girls have
pleasure...pretty girls have arousal...submissive pretty girls get to be maids...maids are submissive pretty girls should are submissive...

"I am submssive..."

submissives are pretty girls...

"I am a pretty girl...

submssive pretty girls are maids....

"I am a submissive pretty girl maid...."

Vera removed Madison's headphones upon hearing that admission. "Yes, you it's time to make you look like one." She raised him to his feet, still in trance. "Open your eyes, still deeply hypnotized, and follow me."

She led him to the back staircase, up past the second floor where the family bedrooms were, to the top floor...where, in times past, the servants slept. She opened a door to reveal a spare but obviously feminine room. She threw open a closet to reveal a range of dresses...all of them the most feminine of maid's uniforms.

"You are now Maid Madelyne...get dressed," Vera said.

Madison stripped out of his male clothes, and with Vera's assistance, first donned a severe corset, one that reduced his waistline to a mere 22 inches. "You will wear this corset at all times, even when sleeping. Only when bathing may you remove it. You will learn in time how to lace yourself into it...and make it even smaller as you do."

"Yes, Mistress," he murmured. Vera was pleased to hear him use the term without coaching.

The corset was followed with fishnet hose, ruffled panties, a bra stuffed to 40C dimensions, two layers of white petticoats, white spike-heeled pumps, and finally a black satin maid's dress from the closet.

"Sit at the vanity," Vera commanded. "I will do your makeup this time, but watch will be responsible for this in the future." She applied foundation, then eyeshadow, mascara, and blush. She coated his lips thickly with dark red lipstick.

The finishing touch was a curly black wig. "Only until your own hair grows out...then we will take you to the salon for a proper cut and perm. Now, stand before the mirror and curtsy. Hold the pose."

The newly created Madelyne did as ordered and then Vera said, "1--2--3--awake!"

Madelyne's trance ended and her mouth flew open in surprise as she saw her new self! "Oh!" she cried. "I am a submissive pretty maid girl!"

"Yes, you go downstairs to our--I mean, my--bedroom and get to work straightening it. I have more work to do with our offspring!"


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