Friday, October 16, 2015

Ms. Demanden's Family


You are submissive...submission is obedience...obedience is pleasure...pleasure is arousal...sissies are submissive...sissies are obedient...sissies are aroused by their submission and are a are a sissy boy...

"I am submissive..."

...sissies are submissive...

"I am obedient..."

...sissies are obedient....

"I am a sissy boy...."

And Vera removed the headphones from her younger son. "Who are you?" she asked him.

"I am Stuart," he answered.

"What are you?" she asked again.

"I am a sissy boy," he replied.

"Then you are not are Sissy Stuart. Who are you?"

"I am Sissy Stuart," he affirmed.

"You don't look like a sissy boy," Vera said. "Let's correct that...come with me..." She led him to his room, where an outfit was laid out for him. Her plans for this child were very different from the things she had accomplished with her husband and elder son. Stuart would not be completely feminized...he would be turned into an effeminate, androgynous being. As such, he would be far more humiliated than either of the other Demanden men.

"Strip," she ordered, and Stuart removed all his clothes. She looked over his body approvingly--yes, this is why she had chosen this fate for him. He was slender and nearly hairless, his form like that of a pre-teen girl more than a man or a boy. She pointed to the clothes on the bed and said, "Get dressed."

Stuart, still in trance, robotically complied, beginning with the satin panties. Once they were snuggled over his loins, his sissy-cock engorged, creating a nice bulge. Next came a black and silver tube was tight over his flat chest. That was followed by a pair of hip-slung bell-bottom pants; they encased his hips and groin in an elasticized grip, making the bulge in his panties all the more obvious. The final step was a pair of platform, peep-toe shoes with four-inch heels.

"Sit," Vera ordered, indicating a chair by a vanity. "Madelyne will do this for you after this." She lightly made up his face, with a touch of blue eyeshadow, a light coating of mascara, shiny pink lipstick and gloss, and a generous addition of blush, making his face seem permanently embarrassed. She combed his male-length hair into a semblance of a female style and clipped a large pink bow to the left side.

"Now, Sissy Stuart, 1--2--3--awake!"

His eyes flashed open and beheld his new appearance. "Oh, mother, I am so cute this way! But surely I can't be seen in public like this... everyone will giggle and gossip!"

"Of course, they will, my pretty sissy!" she explained. "And look, even the prospect of such exposure has caused your sissy-cock to begin to leak!" Indeed, there was a growing wet patch at Stuart's crotch. "You love this, don't you?"

Even through the blush, it was clear Stuart's cheeks were reddening further as he shyly admitted, "Yes, mother...."


Vera Demanden was lounging comfortably in her chaise, her maid Madelyne on her knees, with her head buried in the mistress's crotch. Across the room, the little tranceslut Heather was in her usual panties and bra, her hands stroking her sissy-cock and boobs, muttering to herself, "I am a pretty submissive tranceslut...I am obedient... obedience is pleasure..." over and over again, her mantra sending her deeper and deeper into trance with each repetition.

The door opened and Sissy Stuart minced in, wearing a baby-doll t-shirt, tight capri pants and a pair of black patent ballet flats with a big bow on the instep. His hair was frosted and permed into a mass of curls, his lips a cupid's bow of pink. "Mother," he cried, smiling, "I have a girlfriend!"

"Really?" she asked.

"Yes, it's the daughter of our neighbor, Ms. Forsfell," he replied in his breathy, slightly lisping voice. "She wants to come over and meet the family tonight."

Vera, of course, knew all about this new relationship; it had been arranged by her and Amanda Forsfell in advance. Amanda was training her daughter to be a domme, and knowing the strange but beautiful family next door was part of that training. "We'd be happy to have her, wouldn't we, my family?"

"Yes, mistress...obedience is pleasure...I am a happily hypnotized tranceslut..." Heather murmured.

"Mmmmph..." Madelyne responded, still smothered by Vera's wet pussy.

"Goody!" Stuart clapped his hands girlishly and raced up the stairs. "I must pick out something pretty to wear!"

"Your pink harem costume should work," Vera suggested.


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