Friday, October 23, 2015

The Marriage of Belle Bottom

[This didn't start out as a sequel to the immediately preceding story of the Demanden family, but as I worked it out, it just went in that direction.]


The justice of the peace had to admit this was one of the strangest weddings he had ever officiated at...and he had done some odd ones--including the one where the groom was led away in handcuffs almost before the "I dos" were said.

As a starter, there seemed to be no men in the bridal party. The bride's attendants were three lovely young women all in floor-length red gowns. They carried no flowers. The groom's attendants were three pretty girls in pink knee-length dresses with petticoats and perched on pink shoes with five-inch heels. They did have big pink bouquets. On second thought, maybe they aren't girls, he thought. They're all quite tall...and the one in the middle seems to have a prominent Adam's apple.

The bride was already waiting at the front of the hall, clad in a white satin skirt suit.

At that moment, the organist struck up the wedding march...and the congregation rose. Come to think of it, I don't see a single male there, either, he mused.

The doors at the end of the aisle opened and two figures appeared. One was a handsome middle-aged woman in a form-fitting leather suit. The other was the groom, he supposed. But a groom wearing a traditional white bridal gown. The two came down the aisle together. The gown-clad one kissed the other and took up a place by the side of the bride.

"Who gives this man to this woman?" the justice said, reading the surprising text of the ceremony he'd been given.

"I do," the leather-suited woman said. "His aunt, Vera Demanden."

As she spoke, the groom's thoughts went back to his first meeting with his aunt. It was one year ago--his parents had died and he, Bill Borden, only 17, moved in with his somewhat eccentric aunt and her family. And what an odd family it was--there was the maid, Madelyne, who seemed to be his aunt's submissive lover as well. There were her children--Heather, who seemed to almost always wear just lingerie...and had a substantial bulge in her panties...and was always murmuring something about "obedience" and "pleasure." And then there was Stuart--always called Sissy Stuart--who dressed in a strange combination of male and female clothes and had his hair frosted and permed.

He had no idea what was in store for himself.

His mind came back to the present. The justice said, "I pronounce you married." His now-wife took him in her arms, and thrust her tongue deep into his mouth. Then she snapped a pair of handcuffs to his wrists, turned him around and led him up the aisle.

As she did, the justice admired the groom's ample rear. If that's a male ass, I'm amazed, he thought. No wonder they named her Belle Bottom.


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