Friday, December 22, 2017

10 Things I Learned From Dating a Cross-Dresser

Some interesting insights from the other side:

1. Cross-dressing is fun. When my boyfriend transforms into a woman, he has a blast. It usually happens when he’s at a party, and it’s always over the top and outrageous.

3. Cross-dressing is scary for the cross-dresser’s partner.
I’m not going to pretend like watching my boyfriend transform into a woman and flirt with a man in front of me didn’t scare the shit out of me. My main fear was that my boyfriend is actually a closeted gay man. Turns out this is a very common misconception about crossdressers, and it has to do with how the concept of gender is taught to us as children. I did voice some of my concerns to my boyfriend at one point, and he was baffled by them: “I wish I were gay,” he said. “It would’ve been a great way to piss off my dad.”

4. Cross-dressing is scary for the cross-dresser. My boyfriend was also nervous right before he transformed in front of me for the first time. I could tell he was afraid I would freak out on him. Just because I am very progressive and open-minded when I talk about sex and gender doesn’t mean I will handle this part of him so well.

Ultimately, the cross-dresser fears the same thing his partners fear: that the cross-dressing will destroy their relationship in some way and ultimately that they will not be loved. It’s important to voice your concerns at this point. Communication immediately destroys the power of that anxiety.

7. Cross-dressers are super sexy. This part I can’t explain to you, mostly because sex and arousal aren’t rational things that can be picked apart and analyzed, but I will say this to you: Panties are just as sexy on a man than they are on a woman.


Supporting my boyfriend’s cross-dressing habit made us closer.
Ultimately, accepting that my boyfriend is a crossdresser really made our bond a whole lot stronger. As a member of the “audience,” I was welcomed into a very select group of people who had met Galaxia, this means as friends we developed a closer bond of trust and acceptance. The fact that I had sex with Galaxia just builds more on that same mutual trust. So we deepened our sexual bond and our friendship in the same night.

When my boyfriend cross-dressed, he revealed himself to me, but when I accepted it, felt aroused by it and had sex with Galaxia, I revealed myself to him as well. This doesn’t mean that every heterosexual couple should start cross-dressing just to make their relationship more interesting. Nevertheless, I do want to encourage people to communicate and to be honest with their partners. All in all, my experience regarding my boyfriend cross-dressing was super positive and I just hope that reading about it will make people see how gender norms can be so artificial and unnecessary.

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