Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back to School

With Labor Day just a few short weeks away, Sissy Dani hauled out her school uniform to try on with some new accessories--a new headband, a new bracelet, a new wide red belt, and her frilly black petticoats.

FTR, I'm finally getting the hang of walking in those delicious white sandals after--what?--more than a year. I didn't stumble once today.

I cut this session short today when I realized one of the hazards of crossdressing in hot, humid weather, even in air-conditioning: Horses sweat, men perspire, women glow. But they glow a lot more because of the number of layers they wear! (Real women get to strip down to a lot less underneath in the summer; we sissies don't have the option if we want to look feminine!)

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

As always, more pics on Flickr.


Karen Singer said...

Now that looks like a FUN outfit!


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Yes, but totally age-inappropriate and obviously impossible to wear anywhere but at home!