Tuesday, August 11, 2009

From the Archives

Over the weekend, I was cleaning out some drawers and found five slides from my pre-marriage dressing days! I found a place that would make prints from them and then scanned the prints.

This is undoubtedly the earliest photo of myself in female attire I can find. I recognize the scene as my first apartment, and I took the shot with a wire attachment to the shutter (you can see the cable going up on the left hand side of the image). As I recall, I was trying to focus on my long legs--even then I thought they were my best feature. And isn't that a hot skirt!

Best as I can tell, this shot was taken at my friend Bobbi's apartment, probably by my other friend, Steve. It's probably from the same day as the others in the white dress. Steve wanted to try something a little "arty".

These two were taken at my second apartment; the blue dress, near as I can recall, was bought on a shopping trip with Bobbi. Gee, I wish I still had that figure! I may be wearing a waist cincher, but I'm not sure.

This shot undoubtedly is from the same session as the two other portraits in the red turtleneck. This might have been the last time I dressed before getting married.


Karen Singer said...

Wow! Hey, you really looked great. Totally convincing!


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Thank you. It's hard for me to believe I ever looked that good.

There may be more slides stuffed in my mom's attic; someday I have to go there and pull everything out and go through it at my leisure.