Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shopping Trip

The wife went into town for a meeting this afternoon, so I had the opportunity for some shopping, in preparation for September's dressing sessions.

I started by doing some on-line searching at my fave places last night. I found a bunch of attractive things at Kmart, Target and Payless. But this afternoon, I was disappointed when only a few of the items I found on-line were available at the local Kmart (none of the new Jaclyn Smith line dresses were there!), and none of the ones I wanted from Payless were in the store I went to. (It may be that the on-line store is ahead of the brick-and-mortars in getting in the fall lines. I will check out other locations over the next few weeks.)

However, I did pick up two cute dresses at Kmart:

Both are part of the Route 66 line.

And, at Payless, I found a lovely pair of pumps in a charcoal gray fabric. They're not anywhere on-line, so either they aren't available in the on-line store, or they are last season's (though I don't recall seeing them before and they are definitely a fall/winter shoe).

Anyway--you'll probably see all of these on me in the next week or two.

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