Monday, August 31, 2009

More Shopping

Went to Target this morning, looking for the dresses I saw on-line last week. Again, none of them were there. Now, my local Target is in the midst of a major re-organization/remodeling, so it may be they are holding off on getting in a lot of new merchandise until they're done, in early October. (At that time, a second Target is opening nearby as well; word from the staff is that that one--acting as the anchor for a mall--may concentrate on clothes more than this one will.)

Also went to a different Payless, still looking for the shoes I saw on-line. Again, nothing. In this case, I suspect one of two things--either the brick-and-mortar stores will not be carrying these items, or they haven't gotten in a lot of their fall lines yet. I'll keep searching: There's a third Payless a little further away I may check out next week...while there, I may actually ask about some of the styles I'm in search of.

BUT--I also hit the Burlington Coat Factory across the street from the Payless and bought a terrific dress for just $15! They also had a lovely suit there for $20; I may get that next week as well!

You'll see all my new purchases later this week.

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