Thursday, August 13, 2009

From Schoolgirl to Schoolmarm?

Having gone pure fetish fantasy yesterday, today I went with something more in keeping with my age and body type. The red skirt was bought as part of a two-piece outfit from Kmart; I really like the skirt, though I have grown to find the top rather frumpy. The navy V-necked sweater is from Target.

The one give-in to youthfulness is the use of a scarf, tied in a floppy bow, as a headband. Does it work?

I should mention the shoes...the red patent t-straps from Payless, rapidly becoming one of my fave pairs. I always get compliment over on Flickr when I wear these.

I have a couple of shots I have to work up for portraits. Maybe later today or tomorrow.


Karen Singer said...

Love the hairbow in all your shots today. It adds a lot of interest. - I'm going to have to remember that for myself.


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

I used a long narrow scarf, wrapped under my wig at the back, and then tied it in a bow at the top of my head, slightly to one side.

I am finding that hair accessories lend a nice touch to some outfits.