Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lady (?) in Red

Haven't worn this in quite a while...I liked it when I first bought it, but it didn't exactly grow on me, if you know what I mean. This time, I decided to add the wide red belt to see if it made the whole thing come together, but I'm still not sure.

So, here's the deal...if I get a lot of compliments, here and on Flickr, for this dress, I keep it. Otherwise, it's off to Goodwill first chance I get. Will you vote my red dress off the island?

Accessories, in addition to the belt, are the red headband, pearl jewelry, black hose and red peep-toe pumps.

Finally, for today and this week, here's another portrait...lots of digital magic here, but overall it works. By next week, I should have removed my beard (but not the mustache) in prep for the play I'm doing. We'll see what difference that makes in my look.

More pics on Flickr, as always.

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