Sunday, April 25, 2010

More New Dani

Funny how seeing your face in a new way leads to changes...looking at this morning's photos, I decided my foundation was too pale and my lips not dark enough (at least not for photography, they seem plenty dark in person), so I went out and picked up a darker foundation and darker lipstick. I also got some undereye concealer, but I'm not sure that's really accomplishing anything. Do any of you notice a difference?

Anyway, here's a very springy outfit--blue blouse, blue floral skirt, and blue peep-toe shoes.

Accessories: pale blue headband, scarf, gold jewelry, light hose.

I'd intended to do one more outfit today...but rehearsal starts in less than two hours, so probably not. I thought about wearing panties and a cami under male clothes to rehearsal...but I might need to try on a costume, so probably not, again. However, I have every intention of sleeping in my long white nightie tonight...and wearing something femme to work tomorrow.

More pics on Flickr...and I'll try to get in at least one outfit after work tomorrow!

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