Sunday, April 25, 2010

A New Kind of Dani

This morning, I removed the beard in prep for the play I'm doing in a few weeks. (Mustache has to stay, as the part calls for it.) You must realize, this is the first time I have seen my naked chin in about 20 years.

Also the first Sunday dressing in a few months; the wife is on a business trip through Tuesday, so I have some extra time. Today Dani can be around until evening, when I go to rehearsal.

Anyway, this morning's outfit is one of my oldest, bought just months after I first returned to dressing. It's comfortable and ladylike...something I might wear to church, if I ever even considered going out dressed!

Accessories: black hair band, silver jewelry, black belt, dark hose, red spike heel pumps.

And here's a portrait, for a better look at my unadorned jaw line:

More pics on Flickr; further outfits later today.

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