Monday, April 5, 2010

Reform and Transform

Chapter Three:

[continuing the report from Dr. Madchenmacher]

Once Rodney's humiliating orgasm was complete, I placed him in a light trance and then summoned the guard again. "Take this one to the salon," I ordered.

[From the report of Ms. Evelyn, salon manager]

The guards brought number 175216 to me. The light trance Dr. Madchenmacher had induced made him very easy to control. "Have a seat, Rodney," I said, indicating the chair at my styling station. I began by washing his hair and applying a conditioner designed to make his hair easier to color.

Next I began the cutting and styling, fashioning a pixie-ish style with bangs. Once I was satisfied with that look, the next and more drastic step began. I bleached his hair to a pure white and then applied a base color of medium ash blonde. I lowered the dryer bonnet and left him to process.

As programmed, the bonnet also filled his mind with new thoughts: You love being blonde, being blonde arouses you...but being blonde also makes you ditzy and silly, a giggly schoolgirl, just like the images you came to....

When the process was complete, I raised the bonnet and began to apply the highlights to his hair. While that stage worked its way in, my cosmetician applied her skills to his face...light brown colors to his lids, a blushing pink color to his cheeks, deep coral lips.

Finally, when it was all done, I turned him to the mirror and proclaimed, "Look at
yourself, Rhonda!"

He gasped, even in the trance, for the boy face was gone and a beautiful girl gazed back at him. "Am I Rhonda?" he asked.

"You are," I replied. "Now and forever..."

The guard returned and escorted Rhonda to her next destination.

[From the report of Ms. Couterier, wardrobe mistress]

I was informed that Rhonda had been programmed to be a schoolgirl...and I looked her over carefully, to determine exactly what sort of "student" she should be. "Rhonda...what do you think are your best features?" I asked.

"My legs and my ass," she murmured.

"Then that is what we shall emphasize in your uniform," I replied...and watched her sissy-cock create a bulge again. "Strip to the skin," I ordered.

Fortunately, Rhonda had an almost-hairless body, so little needed to be done to prepare her. I brought out a pair of 36C breast forms, applied the adhesive and told her, "Hold them in place." As she did so, I measured her waist and hips. With her still holding her new titties, I pulled a pair of ruffled panties over her sissy-cock and ass, followed by a pair of white knee socks. Next came her new shoes...white peep-toe pumps with five-inch heels. She tottered on them.

"You'll get used to those, my the time you leave here, you'll never be
comfortable in anything less."

With her faux boobs now firmly attached, I brought out a midriff-baring shirt for her to wear, one that clung to her new curves. Next was the skirt...a tartan pleated thing barely long enough to cover her crotch and ass. A school tie in the same pattern followed.

"You look lovely, Rhonda...certain to be a favorite among your more dominant peers!"

I summoned the guard and said, "Take her back to Madame Fabricantfille for final

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