Friday, April 9, 2010

Reform and Transform

Chapter Four:

I looked over the returned Rhonda with satisfaction. She had turned out exactly as I had hoped. She stood submissively before my desk, eyes down, as I explained more of what her life here would be like.

"Rhonda, for the first six months of your reformation, you will be placed under the tutelage of one of the more senior inmates. Though officially the relationship is termed prefect and trainee, it is perhaps better described by its more colloquial name: mistress and bitch. As a bitch, you will learn humiliation and submission--not only through routine tasks such as waiting on your mistress for food, toilette, and other requirements, but also by obeying her in all other things, most especially sex. You will be expected to perform any and all sexual acts for and with your mistress as she directs.

"Do you understand?"

"Yes, Madame," Rhonda sobbed, clearly overwhelmed by her new status.

"And now, let me introduce you to your mistress." I pushed a buzzer and the door opened to admit, once again, Brittany, now dressed in the uniform of a prefect. Rhonda's eyes went wide with recognition and surprise. "Yes, Rhonda, your former accomplice and friend...the individual who made it possible for us to find, convict and confine you here...will now be in charge of you. I think it appropriate that you show your appreciation and devotion to her, right here and now."

I gestured to Brittany and she raised her skirt, revealing her unclad crotch, her sissy-cock rampant and ready for attention. "How long has it been since you were allowed to spurt your sissy-cock cream?" I asked her.

"Madame, I have not been permitted to spurt since I arrived six months ago," Brittany admitted.

"Then I think it high-time...Rhonda, you will suck Brittany's sissy-cock...."

Still sobbing, Rhonda sank to her knees before Brittany and took her shaft between her painted lips. In no time at all, Brittany was expending all her cream into her former friend's mouth. Despite that, when she was done, Brittany's sissy-cock was still hard.

"Stand, Rhonda..." She rose, her mouth still dripping with cock-cream. "It appears Brittany requires further service. You will go with her to your shared quarters and attend to it. I believe you know what will be required."

"Yes, madame," Rhonda replied, as she turned to show off her firm little ass. "I am quite ready to receive Brittany in any orifice." With that, the two inmates left.

I picked up my phone. "Please have the head prefect come to my office...I understand she has recently completed her course in oral sex with a female. It's time for her final exam."


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