Monday, May 9, 2011

Lusty May 6

I did some thrift shop browsing Friday afternoon and came away with three items--two skirts and a blouse. Here's one of the skirts--a royal blue pencil skirt--and the blouse--a deep pink top with gold buttons. Oddly, it has a closed bottom, almost like a sweater. The skirt is very tight; even with the corset I could just barely get it on (the label is very faded, but it might actually be only a 10!). The result is nearly a hobble skirt effect.

The accessories are a pink scarf, gold jewelry, pink hose and poppy-pink patent pumps. (Maybe I should pick pickled peppers in those?)

Today was definitely "pink day" at Casa Dani...the other two outfits I wore are also heavy on that most sissy-ish of colors. More pics on Flickr; the other outfits later today or tomorrow.

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