Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Should I Tell?

As I've mentioned frequently in the past few months, I've been ordering a lot of things from Fashion Bug lately, having them delivered to the local store for pick-up. I've been in so often that one of the clerks there, a lovely woman named Jo, now knows me by name.

So far, Jo is under the impression that the clothes I order are for my wife. I never said that to her directly, she inferred it...including after I returned an item as too small and she suggested another part of the store's line that "my wife" might want to order from. (My real wife is much too small to need to order from FB.)

The last time I was in, I almost told Jo the truth--that the clothes I order are for me, not anyone else. So, here's my question: Should I tell her? Should I start with a subtle hint about the sizes I order? (They can't see what's in the packages, although I have bought a few things directly in the store.)

I'd really like some feedback on this--Meg? Linda? Andrea? Any thoughts?


Karen Singer said...

Tell her! What do you really have to lose?


Linda Marie Daniels said...

I don't know what to say. There's a wonderful feeling of liberation when you tell someone but it's difficult to judge what the effect will be.

I'm so shy about revealing my Linda side. If it was me, I might start with a few subtle hints and try to gauge her reaction.

You've established yourself as a good customer and a friendly person. Your salesperson might be a bit surprised but will probably be ok. Fashion Bug has many customers who are not petite and I suspect you're not the first crossdresser that shops at that store.

As Karen writes, what do you really have to lose? Still, being as shy and closeted as I am, I would start with baby steps (and I don't know what those baby steps would be) and then maybe work forward from there.

Sorry I can't be more help. Interesting situation, though, and fun to consider your options.

Pretty Sissy Dani said...

I will probably try some "baby steps" as you suggest, Linda. Maybe a half-joking comment as I pick something out in the store (as I occasionally do), such as "Gee, I hope this skirt fits over my hips..."