Friday, May 13, 2011

The Training of Gwen: Sitting in a Long Skirt

It's been ages since I did one of these, because Gwen's schedule hasn't permitted it.

The aim of this exercise was to work on Gwen's ability to sit in a feminine manner while wearing a long skirt. Her first attempt was so bad, I told her to just scrap all those photos and try again, after looking through my own pictures for examples. (I'm no expert, but I think I manage not to look like a guy in a dress when I do it.)

This second attempt is much better, so here are some representative pics and a critique.

Unfortunately, the first picture is among the worst of the lot:

No, no, no! Never sit with your knees higher than your waist! Nothing could be less feminine! There is a two-fold solution to this problem: 1. Sit on the edge of the seat, with just your ass on it, and the backs of your thighs projecting out...this allows your knees to drop below your waistline. 2. Fold your lower legs to the side and slightly under your knees.

Much better than the first--a more femme position for the legs at least. A more feminine pose would be to have both hands on your hips (further back, though) and to twist the torso a bit, so that the legs are to the right, the torso forward, and then the head back to the right.

Very nice, the gaze off to the side gives a sense of a formal portrait of the 19th Century. The hand position is also lovely.

Yes! Undoubtedly the most successful pose of the batch...
reminiscent of many a "girlie" pose of the mid-20th Century. Everything works in this one!

Not too bad...but try not to show the soles of your shoes in these shots. (Look at mine, you'll see that except for the "leg extended out to the front" poses, it rarely occurs.) Again, the solution is to sit a little further forward on the seat, so that your legs can tuck under a bit more.

Again, not bad...but it could be improved by turning the legs away from the camera and turning the head toward it.

Knees a little high again...might be improved leaning back and balancing your hands on the seat behind you and then putting at least one leg straight out.

Pretty good...but I think we need to work up an exercise for you to practice on what to do with your hands in both sitting and standing poses!

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