Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Musings on the Reader Survey.

I promised this a few weeks ago, and have just now gotten around to it.

1. How old are you?
18-30--18 (18%)
31-45--28 (28%)
46-60--39 (39%)
over 60--14 (14%)

I'm a little surprised by these results. Since the internet skews young, I expected more young readers. Could it be the under-30 CDs don't feel the need to indulge in secret fantasy?

2. What is your job?
Licensed professional--11 (14%)
Education--10 (13%)
Business management--12 (16%)
Retail--6 (8%)
Manual labor--9 (12%)
Other--27 (36%)

I'd love to know what some of the "other" might be.

3. Where do you live?
Northeast US (New England, NY, NJ, PA)--14 (22%)
Mid-Atlantic US(MD, DE, DC, VA)--2 (3%)
Southeast US (NC, SC, GA, FL)--2 (3%)
Northern Midwest US (WV, OH, IN, MI, WI, IL, MN, IA, SD, ND)--10 (15%)
Southern Midwest US (KY, TN, AR, AL, MS, LA, NE, KN, OK, TX)--3 (4%)
Mountain US (MT, WY, ID, UT, CO, AZ, NM, NV)--3 (4%)
Pacific US (WA, OR, CA)--11 (17%)
Hawaii or Alaska--0
Outside the US--18 (28%)

A pretty nice spread around the US (surprisingly light in the south, perhaps), and more than a quarter from elsewhere.

4. When did you first realize you liked female clothes?
Under 16--55 (80%)
16-20--6 (8%)
21-30--3 (4%)
over 40--4 (5%)

5. When did you first wear any article of female clothes?
Under 16--69 (88%)
16-20--3 (4%)
21-30--2 (2%)
31-40--2 (2%)
over 40--1 (1%)

No surprises here...the vast majority of us first experience an interest in CD at puberty or before.

6. When did you first dress in female clothes from the skin out?
Under 16--38 (60%)
16-20--13 (20%)
21-30--9 (14%)
over 40--2 (3%)
Never--1 (1%)

A little surprising here...more than half of us first got into female attire from the skin out before the age of 21!

7. How often do you dress (in full or just a few items)?
Never--1 (1%)
Two or three times a year--8 (10%)
Monthly--14 (18%)
Weekly--17 (22%)
Several times a week--16 (21%)
Daily--7 (9%)
All the time--11 (14%)

OK--more than three quarters dress at least monthly...and half more often than that!

8. Does your significant other know about your dressing?
N/A--6 (12%)
Yes--22 (56%)
No--15 (31%)

For those of us who have an SO, nearly 60% say it's not a secret. Interesting.

9. Does your significant other participate in your dressing?
N/A--6 (13%)
Yes--19 (44%)
No--18 (41%)

Just over half of our SOs help us in our dressing...even more interesting.

10. How do you shop for female clothes?
N/A--2 (4%)
In thrift stores--12 (27%)
In department stores/malls--22 (50%)
On line--32 (72%)

Not surprisingly for an internet-savvy crowd, nearly three-quarters do their shopping at the computer, although a hefty 50% also go looking for femme frills in person.

11. Have you ever appeared in public in female clothes?
Yes--49 (63%)
No--28 (36%)

This really surprised me--nearly two-thirds of us have been out of the closet, quite literally.

12. How many dresses/skirts/blouses do you own?
0--10 (13%)
1-10--39 (52%)
11-20--8 (10%)
21-30--6 (8%)
More than 30--11 (14%)

OTOH, our wardrobes tend to be small.

13. How many pairs of female shoes do you own?
0--11 (14%)
1-20--47 (62%)
11-20--9 (12%)
More than 30--8 (10%)

I think I should have broken this down a bit more...I'd like to know how many of that 62% with less than 20 pairs of shoes are at the top end of the scale.

14. If you could describe your female style, would it be:
housewife--18 (20%)
matron--1 (1%)
office worker--12 (13%)
party girl--4 (4%)
bimbo--13 (14%)
sissy--36 (40%)
drag queen--2 (2%)
other--4 (4%)

For a group with a lot of public experience, "sissy" is a surprisingly popular image.

15. Do you consider yourself
sexually submissive?--65 (85%)
sexually dominant?--2 (2%)
neither--9 (11%)

No surprises here...how many guys who aren't submissive would wear dresses?

16. Are you interested in hypnosis/mind control?
Yes, as a hypnotist--10 (13%)
Yes, as a subject--64 (85%)
No--5 (6%)

Nice to see my personal fetish is so popular here as well.

17. Have you ever participated in a hypnotic encounter?
Yes, as a hypnotist--4 (11%)
Yes, as a subject--15 (41%)
No--17 (47%)

But like me, they have yet to really experience it.

18. Other than dressing, how do you express your cross-dressing interests?
Writing--10 (35%)
Artwork--6 (21%)
Collecting CD material--12 (42%)
Going to drag shows--3 (10%)
Other--10 (35%)

I'd love to see some of the writing and art from those who create it.

19. If you could live full-time in female clothing (not necessarily as a woman), would you?
Yes--71 (91%)
No--7 (8%)

Here, I am in the minority. I suspect that living full-time in femme attire would diminish the thrill.

20. What would you like to see more of on this blog?
photographs--16 (27%)
artwork--25 (42%)
stories--39 (66%)
essays about crossdressing--8 (13%)

I feel so written out, I doubt there will be any new stories soon...unless one or more of you wants to submit something?

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Fascinating poll... and great stuff throughout!! :) Z