Wednesday, May 21, 2014


"Who is that masked man?"

With those words, Barney Collins awoke from his trance, finding his vision oddly restricted and his breathing also somewhat hampered. He put his hands to his face and felt some sort of spongy, rubbery stuff.

"Confused, darling?" The same voice as before, the voice of his fiancee, Emily. "It's a mask." She took his hand and guided him across the room. "Look in the mirror."

Yes--there was a mask over his head and neck, a mask of a strangely compelling female face, compelling because of its seeming total lack of expression. The observer could read into that face any emotion or feeling desired: fear, love, passion, even lust. There was no hair, no wig added yet.

He was naked, save for a jock strap, below the mask. He felt his cock twitch at the strange image he presented. "What's this all about, Emily?" he asked.

It's about fulfilling one of my fantasies...and one of yours at the same time," she answered.

Barney thought long and hard--what fantasy had he ever discussed with Emily that this might fulfill? Then he remembered. "You hypnotized me?" he asked again.

"Yes, dear," she said. "You've spoken often about a desire to be entranced and made to do only as your beautiful hypnotic mistress wished. To be a puppet on my strings." She smiled. "Well, I've spent the last six months studying with an expert, and tonight I had you under my spell in just a few minutes. You don't remember, do you?"

He shook his head.

"No--because I ordered you to forget how I entranced I could do it again, anytime I wanted," she explained.

"But why the mask?" he asked.

"That's for my fantasy," she said. "Do you remember that one? Of course you don't--I had you forget that, as well."

Emily went to the closet and came back with a box. From it she removed a wig stand with a shoulder-length blonde pageboy on it. She carefully placed the wig on Barney's masked head. Then she said, "A woman's face is a mask."

"I love my new hair, Mistress Emily," Barney suddenly said. His voice became breathy and tremulous, his movements delicate and feminine. He had become, with the speaking of the trigger phrase, Bonnie. And with that change, Bonnie lost all notion that her face was not her own. The mask was Bonnie. And Bonnie was in love with her artificial face. Her cock grew thicker and longer within its confines at the sight of her own faux femininity.

Now, Emily began to dress her doll-like creation for a trip to the local fetish club--a latex bra and panties, covered by a minidress in the same material. Black hose sheathed her legs and her feet were slipped into black patent pumps with six-inch heels. Bonnie was about to make an entrance to domme/sub society that would be remembered for years...although Barney would never remember it at all, unless Emily permitted!

To be continued

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