Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Sissy Inducer

"The damned bitch has summoned me to her office again!" complained Richard Reed to his buddy Ben. "If the oh-so-high-and-mighty Miss Van Dyne would come out of her ivory tower office and down to the lab once in a while, she might get more out of her employees!"

"Calm down, pal," Ben Grimm cautioned as Richard headed for the elevator. "You go up there with that kind of mad on and you might find yourself doing rewiring work at the plant in Oshkosh instead of doing free-form electronic inventing here!"

Richard didn't reply, but continued to grumble as he entered the elevator and hit the button for the executive penthouse. "Just because we've dated a few times, she thinks I'm at her beck and call!"

Five floors above, in her combined office/apartment, Janet Van Dyne, president and CEO of Dynotech, paced the floor, complaining to her confidential assistant, Maryjane Watson. "I'm positive now that Richard has been holding back on me. That new device of his is ready for testing, but he's been stalling, waiting for a chance to renegotiate his contract, so that he can hold the patent on it."

Maryjane watched the lights glint off her boss's patent-leather jumpsuit. "Well, it is all his own work, after all," Maryjane noted.

"Yes--and I might be willing to concede that if the man weren't so damned arrogant about it all," Janet replied. "Hell, just because we've dated a few times, he thinks he's not at my beck and call, just like every other employee around here."

Maryjane picked up the report from Janet's desk. "What makes you so sure that this thing is ready, anyway?"

"I had my own technical assistant, Peter Parkman, go over Richard's notes and then check out the circuits and controls," Janet said. "It's ready--and if it does what Peter thinks it does, Richard may find himself as the first test subject!"

The elevator rang and the door opened. Richard entered the suite.

"Richard, how good of you to come," Janet said, with mock sincerity. She picked up the report and waved it in the air. "I see the Inducer is ready for testing, despite what you've told me."

Richard was livid. "Had your little techno-nerd go snooping, did you?" he asked. "Idiot's lucky he didn't find himself mindless--the Inducer's no toy."

"So I gathered...which is why I had it moved out of your little toybox and placed in mine!" Janet answered. She touched a button at her desk and the wall behind it slid open to reveal all the equipment that had been in Richard's lab until last night.

"That's the last straw, Janet!" Richard exclaimed. "I quit...and you can expect some papers from my lawyer about the patent rights to the Inducer!"

"I don't think so," Janet said calmly. She touched another button. Richard discovered the elevator controls no longer operated. Janet turned to her assistant. "Maryjane?"

Maryjane opened another door and two burly security guards strode in. They took hold of Richard's arms and dragged him to the chair next to the Inducer.

"Unwilling to test the machine?" Janet asked. "I'm not--and I'm not afraid for you to be the first guinea pig." The guards strapped Richard to the chair and then Janet carefully lowered the Inducer's helmet over Richard's head.

Richard was shocked. "Janet, you must be kidding! Do you understand what you're doing? What the Inducer does?"

"Of course I do, Richard," Janet answered. "I founded this company on my own inventions and patents, remember?"

"What does it do?" Maryjane asked.

"The Inducer is designed to create a completely compliant human mind, open to all sorts of suggestions and alterations. Richard's notes even imply it can be used to create a completely false identity that the subject will believe in completely," Janet replied. "In Richard, I intend to create the perfect sex partner and employee in one!"

Richard struggled to pull himself free from the chair, but before he could apply full force to his bonds, Janet switched on the Inducer and began to manipulate the controls. In moments, Richard went limp in the chair, the Inducer's power having reduced him to an empty shell that Janet would now fill.

Six hours later, Janet and Maryjane carefully looked over their creation. Before them, perched on six-inch heels and still male in hair and face, if nothing else, was a fetishist's dream of a rubber-clad maid. Every inch, from the neck to the ankles, was covered in skin-hugging black rubber, trimmed in white ruffles.

They had spent the time listening to Richard recite, under the Inducer's influence, his history, both personal and sexual. Then they had carefully edited it, replaying it into his mind.

"You have never had sex except when dressed as a woman...and the only woman who will have sex with you that way is Janet Van Dyne," they told him. "You worship and adore her, as much for her wardrobe of fetish clothing-rubber, latex, leather, heels and more-that she shares with you, as for her beautiful face and body. Your name is Rachel Reed and you will answer to nothing else."

They inserted instances of fetishistic and cross-dressed sex into his memory--times when he masturbated into a patent-leather pump at Janet's command, when he allowed her to penetrate his sissy-ass with a dildo and came at her order, when he appeared in public in women's clothing and allowed Janet to humiliate him by revealing his masculinity and having him orgasm as she did so.

Further, they gave him a set of suggestions that, when he was released from the Inducer, would allow them to control him and change his personality as they desired. Now, having dressed him as this shining, slippery example of fetish femininity, they were about to trigger the first of those personalities.

"Rachel," Janet addressed her new slave, "latex love lady."

The newly named Rachel's eyes fluttered momentarily and she curtseyed to her boss/mistress. "How may I serve you?" she asked.

What comes next? My former readers helped choose the plot line for part 2--see what they decided!

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