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The Sissy Inducer

"Yes, Ms. Storm, all the electronics on the ship have been fitted with the Inducer technology. Everything from the TV sets to the loudspeaker system." Janet Van Dyne smiled as she listened to the cruise line owner's questions...and watched her latex sissy maid Rachel mince about the penthouse office.

When Rachel had been Richard Reed, she had been the inventor of the Inducer...and had quickly become its first subject.

"Yes, it will affect the crew as well as the passengers--I suggest you have a suitable set of uniforms available for about the third night out," Janet laughed.


The Pacific Duchess moved away from the San Diego dock and, once out in the open waters, went under its own steam toward the warm waters off Mexico. The couples--and it was all couples this trip--who had signed aboard for this cruise had been promised a special experience. Captain Steve Rogers had no idea what it was; his boss, the line's owner Susan Storm, had refused to tell him. Though they'd had a relationship for many years, she could be quite secretive about business affairs when she wanted to be. She'd even surprised him by showing up for the cruise herself.

Things seemed normal until the third day out. Steve was walking along the promenade deck when he spotted a group of women by the rail. Then he gave them a second look. They're not women...those are the three company execs who came aboard with their wives--Mr. Barnes, Mr. Xavier, and Mr. Banner! he thought.

Barnes was dressed in a sleeveless top and a black knee-length skirt with slit sides. His legs were bare--and smooth!--and his feet were in ankle-strap pumps. Xavier was in a linen suit that draped femininely over a surprisingly attractive bosom. And Banner, the youngest, was in a teenage-like vest that showed a bare tummy and tight fitting blue jeans. All three were impeccably made-up--if not for their short hair, Steve might never have known who they were.

"Gentlemen!" he called. It took a moment before they realized he was talking to them. "Has the social director planned some kind of costume event I'm not aware of?"

They continued to stare at him, apparently not understanding. Finally, Barnes spoke up, "Captain Rogers, what are you talking about?" His voice was breathy, almost girlish.

"Clint, you're dressed in women's clothes!" Steve exclaimed.

"Caroline, please," the feminized man insisted. "How else should I be dressed?" The other two stared at the captain, equally appalled that he suggest that they were dressed in any way other than as they should be.

Steve blushed and excused himself. What the hell was that all about? he wondered. His watch was almost over and he headed for his quarters.

He opened the door and found Susan waiting. "Steven, I'm so glad you're here! I've a surprise for you!" she cried. "Nylons and heels," she said...and Steve blacked out.

The rest of that afternoon, evening and night passed like a blur for the cruise ship captain. He remembered a set of instructions from Susan, an intense desire to try on all the clothes she laid out for him (all feminine, of course), and several sessions of lovemaking, all of which seemed to place him in submissive feminine positions...and all of which brought him to the most intense orgasms he could ever recall experiencing.

He awoke as the ship's intercom signaled six bells--6:30 in the morning. His watch began in an hour-and -a-half. He rolled out of bed, clad in a pink babydoll nightie...and thought nothing of it. Susan was already up and dressed and watched him amusedly. "Ready for the day, Stephanie?"

"Yes, mistress," he answered, in the same kind of breathy voice he'd heard Clint--no, Caroline--Barnes use the day before. What's going on, here? he thought, unable to voice the question.

"I had the galley send down your breakfast," Susan said, indicating a grapefruit half and some lightly buttered toast. It was a far cry from the eggs and bacon he'd usually order for himself. "Have to watch our girlish figure, you know," she added.

"Of course, mistress," he replied again. He ate the light repast and then went to get into his uniform.

When he returned, Susan could barely repress her smile. Instead of the sharply cut white jacket and pants of yesterday, her Stephanie was dressed in a navy-and-gold striped sweater, a tight gold mini-skirt, a navy jacket with gold stripes and stars, matching gloves, and matching star earrings swaying from her ears. Her legs were sleeked in dark nylons and she balanced perfectly on navy blue pumps with five-inch heels.

"Have a nice day, dear," Susan called after the transformed officer. "Don't forget about the formal dance tonight!"

As Captain Stephanie made her way to the bridge, she realized that she didn't see a single male figure on the ship now. Even couples who's female half she recognized from yesterday now were both in feminine clothes. This isn't right, her deeply hidden male psyche protested, but her female fa├žade greeted one and all in her most commander-like manner.

"Captain on the bridge!" the chief purser announced as Stephanie entered the ship's command center. The purser had been equally transformed: Once Gabe Carter, she was clearly Gabrielle now...dressed in a daring white minidress with a cinched-in navy belt and the appropriate rank insignia. She wore high-heeled ankle boots and a jaunty little hat. The other bridge officers were in similar attire.

Throughout the day, Stephanie discovered (but never acted surprised) that the entire crew had been feminized during the night and all had been given the most daring and sexy of uniforms. The social director's staff wore yellow minidresses with matching jackets, carrying their rank insignia, and white pumps with platform soles and six-inch heels. And the dining room wait staff was a real shock. Their uniforms were all tight-fitting, shiny black vinyl--the "waitresses" in tight skirts with matching aprons and ankle-strap pumps with spike heels. The maitre d' wore a military style cap and a bolero jacket over a halter top and hot pants, accessorized with white gloves and a white bow tie on a choker.

Stephanie noted that the female crewmembers were largely unaffected, still wearing their standard uniforms...and many of them seemed to be ordering the feminized males about--even the ones who outranked them!

The ultimate shock came when Stephanie walked into the doctor's office without knocking. There he found Dr. Hammond--now Jane--on her knees before her nurse, Jennifer Walters...with her face buried deep in the nurse's crotch! Jane's hand was busy at her own crotch, frantically stimulating her cock through the pink satin panties she wore beneath the white minidress that was now apparently her medical uniform! Jane was moaning in ecstacy as Jennifer urged her on: "Yes, Janey, that's it! Now, come at my signal--You're my girl!"

And Stephanie backed out of the room, as she watched the transformed doctor shake with passion as her panties filled with come.


"Let me see how you look, dear!" Susan called.

Hesitantly, Stephanie stepped into the living room of her quarters. She'd gone into the closet, searching for her formal uniform...and this is what she found. She minced cautiously on the black satin sandals with the five-inch heels. The uniform was a formal gown, also black, with gold braid at the collar and shoulders. Its sweetheart neckline showed just the tops of the breasts Susan had helped to achieve with a corset and a push-up bra. Her hair had been put up in a French twist.

"Lovely, Stephanie!" Susan exclaimed. She reached for the TV remote and pushed a button. "Now, let's refresh our lessons for tonight. Nylons and heels!"

One hour later, the two strolled arm-in-arm into the traditional third-night formal dance. Susan was a contrast to her black-clad companion in a sparkly white two-piece gown with a floor-length skirt and off-the-shoulder neckline, combined with elbow-length gloves and a pillbox hat.

The dining room was filled with couples, all of them equally feminine in appearance. The transformed men, however, were usually easy to pick out. Some, like Charlotte Xavier, were in the most extravagantly feminine of apparel. She wore a coral cocktail gown with a V neckline and a bouffant skirt, along with a voluminous wrap. Others, such as Barbi Banner, were in almost fetishistic gear. Barbi seemed to be poured into a skin-tight pink cire gown with a halter neckline and a keyhole over the breasts. Her long elegant legs were visible through the thigh-high slits in the skirt, and were perched on matching platform pumps. Susan had to hide her amusement at the sight.

The evening's festivities went off without a hitch. Finally, as the clock struck midnight, the band went into "Goodnight Ladies"...and every once-male head in the room drooped back into its Inducer-created trance.

Susan took the microphone. "Ladies, you have seen here tonight the culmination of the changes my friend Janet Van Dyne's technology can make in our world! With the Inducer implanted into nearly every electronic device manufactured over the next five years, we can have a feminine nation by 2010. Are you with me?"

The assembled women glanced at their feminized partners, so completely in their thrall, so completely under the spell of the Inducer. With one voice, they cried, "Yes!" That announcement was the final signal, as each of the Inducer-created women awoke from her trance, fell to her knees before her partner and shuddered with an orgasm!

"Thank you, Mistress!" they all announced.

The End

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