Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Sissy Inducer

Part 2:

The better part of the next two weeks were spent in training Rachel to become exactly the sort of lover and employee Janet wanted.

It began with creating a fetish-obsessed male lesbian. Though still endowed with a rampant cock, Rachel's reactions to erotic stimuli became those of a woman, under the influence of the Inducer and Janet's careful conditioning. When aroused, her nipples stiffened along with her cock; she was aroused by smells and delicate touches as much as by direct stimulation of her privates; and, most important, these reactions could be triggered by Janet with a word or a phrase.

Further, an adoration of rubber, leather and satin was mixed with these feminine reactions. A brush of her nipples would send shivers of delight down Rachel's spine; a brush of her nipples with one of the desired fabrics would bring her to full arousal. Combined with the proper trigger phrase, that touch could bring her to the brink of orgasm, a brink she could only fall over with a further command from her employer/mistress.

Near the end of this period, Janet invited Maryjane for a demonstration of all that she had accomplished with the transformed inventor.

"Rachel, bring in the wine," she called. The sissified male entered with a tray holding a decanter and glasses. "You note that she is already wearing a rubber uniform, so she is quite aroused as it is." They watched her mince across to the table. Just before she could set down the tray, Janet said, "Fetish fix."

Rachel suddenly stopped dead, her eyes went wide and her mouth opened in an "O" of surprise.

Janet grinned. "She's now at the very brink of coming and will stay there until I permit her to complete the act," she told Maryjane. "Rachel! We're thirsty--serve those drinks!" Moving carefully, the rubber-clad serving girl poured the wine and presented the glasses to Janet and Maryjane. Though she trembled with the overpowering urge to complete her erotic frenzy, she spilled not a drop.

"Very good, Rachel," Janet complimented her. "Now, take the decanter and tray to the kitchen." Rachel picked up the tray and began to mince back to the kitchen. "Fetish fulfilled," Janet said--and the tray crashed to the floor as Rachel shook with the full fury of her orgasm.

"What just happened?" Maryjane asked.

"Why don't we let Rachel tell you?" Janet responded. "Rachel, tell Miss Maryjane what you just did."

"I came in my rubber panties," Rachel announced, blushing but unable to prevent the embarrassment. Still trembling, she picked up the tray and the broken decanter, and exited.

"Wow!" Maryjane exclaimed. "And she'll respond that way in bed, too?"

"That way and in other ways, as well," Janet answered. "She's a perfect little pussy-sucking lesbian when I want, and a hard warm cock when I want that too...and she gets erotic fulfillment from both!"

"Where can I get one?" Maryjane asked, only half-kidding.

"Why from me, of course," Janet replied. "Pick a 'victim' and we'll see what happens."

"You know, I've always had a thing for Peter Parkman, your little technician spy," Maryjane admitted.

"Really? Well, you know he's been watching Rachel with his tongue hanging out ever since they met...though he doesn't know her real history, of course," Janet said. "Perhaps we can use Rachel to get Peter exactly where we want him--under the Inducer!"


So it was that Peter Parkman--Dynotech corporate nerd and spy--found himself answering yes to an e-mail request for dinner with the ravishing rubber-clad maid who served his boss, Janet Van Dyne.

Janet and Maryjane went to great lengths to get everything right for this date. They set it up in the executive dining room, where they could bug the table and hear every word. And they carefully wired Rachel as well, so that Janet could supply her with secret instructions and trigger words to make her her most seductive and erotic.

Peter arrived at the door to the dining room at 7:30 pm precisely. It was locked. He knocked cautiously. A moment later, it opened to reveal a devastating picture: Rachel gloriously encased in a figure-hugging rubber gown, clinging to her every curve, but slit up the side so that her long legs in their rubber tights and six-inch heels were revealed.

She offered Peter her arm and he escorted her to the single table that was set for the meal. Dinner went normally, but it was over drinks that the real seduction began. Just as Peter reached for Rachel's hand, Janet's voice came to the rubber-sissy: "Fetish fix." As before, Rachel's arousal rose to fever pitch. "If you want to come, do everything you can to make him kiss you," Janet commanded over the secret earpiece. "Put on your lipstick," she suggested.

Rachel removed the lipstick from her purse and carefully applied to her sensuous mouth. Peter watched in awe as the object of his adoration made herself more adorable. He could no longer resist--he leaned forward, took her face in his hands tenderly and pressed his lips to hers.

At that moment, Janet whispered into the microphone and Rachel heard, "Fetish fulfilled." The rubber-gowned sissy came as Peter filled her mouth with his tongue.

"Invite him back to the penthouse," Janet ordered.

In a short time, Rachel showed Peter into the sumptuous living quarters she shared with Dynotech's CEO. As he entered, Janet stepped from behind the door and injected him from a hypodermic. He collapsed. "What was that?" Maryjane asked.

"Just a mild sedative," Janet answered. "We don't want him fighting us while we get him under the Inducer."

In moments, the hapless technician was under the influence of the machine he had helped his employer gain control of. Again, Janet walked him through his personal history and memory, then played them back to him, subtly altered.

"Although you are an adult, you revel in playing the child. But you are a female child--a cute, seductive Lolita, sexy and wise beyond your years." So it went, inducing this playful sex-toy persona upon the young man, but making it clear that his strongest urge was to serve--both physically and sexually--the lovely Maryjane.

Janet had not permitted her friend and assistant to participate in the transformation. When she was ready, she went back into the penthouse living room. "It's just about ready. His name now, by the way, is Pet--just Pet. I thought it fitting."

"Can I go in and see?" Maryjane asked.

"Yes--I think you'll like what I've done. Oh--once you see him, say, I've always wanted a Pet." You'll really enjoy what happens.

Maryjane opened the door to the bedroom with grea anticipation. There, on the bed, sat one of the most erotic sights of her life--a beautiful transformed adult male, in the clothing of a pre-teen girl. The boy-girl-child smiled beguilingly when she saw Maryjane.

"Oh, I've always wanted a Pet!" Maryjane exclaimed.

With that, and without a word, Pet arose and walked directly to her new mistress. She reached her exquisitely manicured hand under Maryjane's miniskirt and found her already wet pussy. Then she pressed her open mouth to Maryjane's, plunged her tongue into the other's mouth, and the two orgasmed simultaneously.

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