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The Sissy Inducer

Part 3:

Hank Pym picked up his new cell phone and punched in the number for his office. As he did so, he felt the oddest sensation in his chest, as if his nipples had suddenly become quite erect and sensitive. He sat in the train station waiting for the 8:45 to the city and found himself reaching to tweak and massage his new erogenous zone. It was difficult to concentrate on the phone conversation, so aroused did the sensation make him.

A strange thought occurred to him. "Carol, I've decided to take a personal day," he told his secretary on the other end of the line. "See you tomorrow." At that moment, the train rolled in and Hank boarded it, destined not for the business district but the classy shopping neighborhoods further north.

In the office, Carol Danvers smiled as she hung up the phone. It's working! she thought. She'd been skeptical when she saw the ad for the new cell phones from Dynotech. They were being marketed only through catalogs aimed at women and they promised to make interesting changes in the men who received them as gifts.

She'd done the research and spoken to Dynotech's founder, Janet Van Dyne and her assistant, Maryjane Watson. Their explanation of the Inducer technology embedded in the phones...and what they had already done with it...intrigued her. She immediately ordered one of the phones for her boss!

Meanwhile, Hank had arrived in the midtown shopping district and headed first for Virginia's Secret, the pricey lingerie shop. Without the slightest hesitation, he walked up to the counter and said, "I'm looking for a complete wardrobe of the silkiest, satiny, most sexy bras, panties, camisoles and more that you have-and I want them in my size!" Involuntarily, he continued to play with his nipples through his shirt.

The cute young thing behind the counter giggled, directed Hank to a fitting room, told him to strip and then proceeded to put together the costliest collection of pretty little nothings she could manage.

As Hank waited in the fitting room, his mind went over the strange urgings and directions he now heard whispering quietly in his mind: Your clothes annoy and irritate you. They feel rough and uncomfortable. You must replace them with soft, feminine garments.

When the clerk arrived with the frillies, he could hardly contain himself. He grabbed the soft pink panties and pulled them over his loins, then took the matching bra and wrapped it around his chest, immediately feeling the need to rub the satiny cups over his swollen nipples. And something else began to swell below as well.

Reluctantly, he put his male clothes on over the beautiful lingerie and paid for his purchases. As he stepped out of the store, his cell phone rang. "Hello?" he answered.

"Hank, it's Carol," his secretary said. The instructions with the phone had said to get him to use it at least three times in the first day for the fastest, most satisfying effects. She made up an excuse to call him and then let him get on with his day of changes.

A new set of voices seemed to ring in Hank's mind once he switched off the phone: Lingerie is not sufficient. You must completely change your image to a feminine one or suffer great mental pains.

Hank tried not to listen to these new instructions. As he entered Bloom & Dale's department store, he headed for the men's department, intending to get a new softer male wardrobe. But when he tried to slip into the sports jacket he chose, he felt an incredible ache in his head, an ache that didn't stop until he placed the jacket back on the hanger.

He looked around and, across the floor, saw the women's department, with an elegant yet sexy business suit displayed on a mannequin. He strolled over, casually he hoped, and fingered the silk of the jacket, the satin of the blouse. Fortunately, there was a sizing chart on the wall that allowed him to make an accurate guess as to his size and he soon left the department with a collection of his new apparel in the bag.

Feminine...feminine...feminine repeated like a tom-tom in his mind as he walked to the restrooms. He entered the women's room, thankfully empty, and stepped into the handicapped stall, giving him plenty of room to change. Moments later, he exited the stall, now dressed in the dark-blue suit with the plunging neckline on the short-cut, fitted jacket, the tight short skirt hugging his hips and the satin of the white blouse sliding sensuously over the satin of his pink bra.

The cell phone rang again. "Boss?" Carol's voice was almost drowned out in his mind by the new instructions that flowed from the Inducer. He barely paid attention to her words (they were a ruse to get him on the phone again, anyway) as he looked at himself in the mirror. He quickly cut off the conversation and observed his image as the new directions spoke to him.

There's more to image than clothes. Your face is too male, too masculine. Your stride is too forceful. Soft...soft...soft....Feminine...feminine...feminine.

His exit from the restrooms took him directly to the cosmetics department. He couldn't keep his eyes off all the lovely, well made-up young women who worked the counters. Somehow, he longed to look like them as well. He spotted one whose use of the line she sold was attractive and sensual and sat at the stool at her counter.

The girl was unsure of what she was seeing-but she knew a sure sale when one sat down in front of her. Within half-an-hour, Hank's face betrayed not the slightest hint of masculinity. Even his short hair had been carefully combed into a pixie-ish female look. As he thanked the salesgirl through carmined lips, he asked for directions to the shoe department.

At first, the clerk there tried to show him sensible shoes with low heels and rounded toes, perfect for a day on your feet. But following the Inducer's prescription, Hank rejected them all in favor of several pairs of skyscraper stilt heels, none shorter than five inches, all in shiny black patent leather.

He stood and walked in them, feeling his stride shift to a mince, his hips waggle in a most alluring manner, and his false breasts jiggle in response. He knew he was ready to return to the office and present himself to the woman the Inducer told him was his seductress, his instructress, his mistress-Carol Danvers!

He took out the phone and called her. "Meet me at this address," she commanded.


One hour later, Hank wiggled his way up to the door of the corporate headquarters of Dynotech. He spoke to the concierge (a beautiful young woman in a sensuous leather uniform) and discovered he was expected. He took the elevator to the penthouse suite and stepped out to discover two more beauties, one in a black rubber maid's uniform, the other in a pink little girl's party dress, both heavily petticoated. The maid was assisting the little girl in tying the enormous bow of her sash.

"Oh, hello-you must be Henrietta," the maid said. "Go on in, the others are waiting for you."

Henrietta? Hank thought. "Yes, Henrietta," the Inducer voices answered. And Henrietta accepted her new name as right and proper.

He opened the door to the inner office and was warmly greeted by Carol. "Henrietta, darling!" she exclaimed. "You've arrived!"

He simpered in response. "You asked me to be here," he said.

"No, I ordered you to be here," Carol corrected him, "just as these other ladies ordered there feminized servants to be here as well." She directed his attention to the four attractive women in business attire standing beside the desk. She introduced Janet and Maryjane, as well as Wanda Maximoff and Jean Grey.

"Janet and Maryjane are the wonderful people who made your transformation possible," Carol explained. "Wanda and Jean are like me, two women who longed to feminize and control the impossible men in their lives." She noted the confused look in Henrietta's eyes. "You'll meet them in a bit.

"But first-" she indicated the odd machine that stood beside the desk. "This is the Inducer, the same machine whose orders and directions were transmitted to you through the cell phone I gave you. It's time for your final treatment." She took his arm and led him to the chair of the Inducer, placed the helmet and shackles upon him and nodded to Janet.

Another hour passed, and Henrietta gave up the full history of Hank Pym, complete with all his erotic fantasies and dreams. And then Janet played that history back to the transformed executive, with Carol's careful editing, so that Henrietta would now be a dynamic, sexy saleswoman, devoted to Carol and devoted to the developing plan to feminize the business world through the marketing of high-tech toys that incorporated the Inducer.

They released Henrietta from the machine. "Now, it's time for you to meet your colleagues on the sales staff," Carol announced.

Another door opened, and two more lovelies entered. Like Henrietta, they had short hair and had clearly only recently been "Induced."

The taller one was dressed in an elegant evening gown. "Antonia Stark is scheduled for a formal dinner meeting with the head of General Electric. We expect all of GE's equipment to be Inducer-based within two years," Janet said.

The other was young and dressed in a kicky black leather suit. "Wilma Worthington is the heir to a manufacturing fortune...and her money will now be used to further our plans."

The five dominant women looked at their once-men and smiled. They were ready to Induce and seduce the world!

Not quite the end--there's a fourth chapter to come.

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