Friday, August 1, 2014

The Caption Stories: One

Way back on my old website, I once ran a contest of sorts in which I posted a piece of artwork and asked my readers to caption it; I then wrote a very short story around the winning captions. Here's the first of four of those stories:

Caption by unknown contributor

The home-ec class stared in astonishment as Caroline's "project" stumbled into the room. It was John, her boyfriend, but looking as unmasculine as any of the girls could ever recall seeing a boy look.

His hair had been softly waved into short bob, his face was attractively feminized by cosmetics. But the real surprise was the outfit he was wearing, the one Caroline had spent the past two months working on in class. Each girl was supposed to find a model for her work--but Caroline had outdone them all!

John wore a short-sleeved blouse with puffy sleeves and a Peter Pan collar. A large red bow was tied at his neck. Over the blouse was a short vest in red as well, held together by a gold chain attached to two large gold buttons. His arms were sheathed in red above-the-elbow gloves. His skirt was a red tartan kilt, shorter than any of the girls would ever dare wear; he wore red ribbed thigh-high stockings, with elasticized bands that matched the tartan of the kilt. He was perched on six-inch black platform heels with an open toe, an ankle strap and a red bow on the instep. He carried a tiny purse that matched the kilt.

Despite his girlish look, he still seemed to be having trouble negotiating the unfamiliar clothes, until Caroline turned to him and showed him her large emerald ring. Then he seemed to go limp until she said, "Joan is a sissy-model!"

Suddenly, he seemed to simper and swish like a true girl, posing and smiling with delight at the girls' reaction to his transformation. "Caroline has completely remade you, hasn't she?" one of the students asked.

"You are right. I am such a pussy, I should always wear a dress," the sissy-model answered. "As a boy I've been a failure, and I wasn't blessed to be a girl. I can still be the best sissy! I love my fate and am glad to be over any boyishness."


Don't forget to pick the man you'd love to see feminized (details here)!

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