Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Caption Stories: Three

Way back on my old website, I once ran a contest of sorts in which I posted a piece of artwork and asked my readers to caption it; I then wrote a very short story around the winning captions. Here's the third of four of those stories:

Caption by Diane

"Now, David, I want you to wake up. When you open your eyes, you will be wide awake and feeling fine. You won’t recall anything we’ve done, but you’ll obey all the secret orders I’ve given you. Wake up!"

David’s eyes fluttered open and he looked at his mother. "Did it work, Mommy? Will the hypnosis help me behave better?"

"Oh, definitely, David, dear," his mother replied. "Now, go to your room; there are some things there you need to see."

David went directly to his bedroom and stopped short when he opened the door. There, laid out on the bed were a pair of girl’s satin panties and nylon pantihose. He turned toward his dresser and saw a camisole there, and a dress hanging on the hook beside it. A pair of high heels sat on the floor.

A strange feeling came over him and he seemed to hear his mother’s voice in his head: Any sight of female clothing makes you sexually excited. It will make you want to wear the clothing and be as girlish as you can be.

Nervously, David followed the silent orders seeping through his mind. He stripped off his flannel shirt and jeans and pulled the pantihose and panties up over his swelling cock. Next he slipped his feet into the patent-leather pumps with the three-inch heels.

He moved to the door and peeked out. Did his mother know what was happening to him? This dress is so beautiful! I just want to put put it on and see how it looks with my new high heel shoes. This is so strange. Because this morning, before Mommy hypnotized me, I never had these desires. Since she left me in the room with these clothes I can't help it! I have to put them on!

His mother saw the crack of the open door, and called, "Don’t be afraid, Diane! Finish getting into your pretty frillies and then mince out here like a good sissy!"


Don't forget to pick the man you'd love to see feminized (details here)!

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