Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Caption Stories: Two

Way back on my old website, I once ran a contest of sorts in which I posted a piece of artwork and asked my readers to caption it; I then wrote a very short story around the winning captions. Here's the second of four of those stories:

Caption by Shannon

"The costume party is in two hours, Frank," Evelyn told him. "We haven't got time to fool around."

Frank was unprepared for the costumes his wife had come up with for the party.

Evelyn was dressed in a Victorian ball gown, her hair done up in a Gibson Girl style. She carried a riding crop.

But it was the outfit she'd forced Frank into that really surprised him...and secretly thrilled him. She laced him into an exceedingly tight corset, one that reduced his 34-inch waist to a mere 26 inches. The corset came complete with a ruffled skirt and garters, to which Evelyn had attached sheer black nylons. Over those she had squeezed him into a pair of thigh-high rubber boots, that clung to every curve of his legs. Their seven-inch heels made his legs and ass look curvacious and womanly. Matching rubber gloves were kneaded up his arms.

She chained his ankles together with a pair of manacles, connected by a twelve-inch chain. And she locked a severe posture collar around his neck, attaching a short leash.

The final step was an application of cosmetics to feminize his face. But she didn't add a wig. No, Frank was going to appear as a submissive feminized man!

Just as they were leaving, Evelyn posed Frank before the mirror, and whispered the post-hypnotic suggestion she'd prepared weeks before, when she first began planning to transform her husband: "The mirror tells the truth!"

As Frank stared in the looking glass it revealed his innermost desires, the ones he had denied his entire life. Until now. Frank saw himself transformed to Fran, the submissive woman he always wanted to be.....


Don't forget to pick the man you'd love to see feminized (details here)!

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