Friday, May 1, 2015

Results: Who Are You? Questions 5 and 6

Once again, I'm baffled by the discrepancy in the number of responses to the two appears that only about 69 percent of those who answered the first question went on to answer the second. Could it be a significant number of you are not bouncing back to the blog page after responding to the lead question?

Anyway, here's the results of Question 5:

As you can see, more than a third of respondents said hosiery was their first piece of femme attire; however, I think I may have goofed by not including "panties" in the list. I suspect most of those 21 "other" responses would have been "panties" if I'd included it as an option.

And the results of Question 6:

More than 60 percent of you dress once a week or more, which seems like a pretty good percentage of girls en femme a lot of the time.

The next three questions are now posted at the right. You have until May 31 to respond.

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