Monday, May 25, 2015

(S)he's Got Legs--Part One

The phone rang. Harley picked it up and heard the voice of his new department manager, Vera Demanden. "Come to my office, immediately, Harley."

He knew better than to delay. In the few short weeks since she took over the position, Ms. Demanden had proved that the resemblance of her name to "very demanding" was more than coincidence. He arrived at her office to find his boss standing in the doorway awaiting him.

She was in her usual attire: Crisp, white form-fitting blouse, unbuttoned just low enough to show off a little cleavage; black, short, tight, pencil skirt that ended a few inches above her knees; dark hose on long, sleek legs, perched on black patent pumps with four-inch heels. "Come in, Harley--have a seat," she said, indicating the couch, while she sat across from him in one of the guest chairs.

She crossed one magnificent leg over the other and was swinging her foot back and forth, the gleam of the patent leather shoe catching the light from the overhead fixture. She outlined a new strategy for the department, but Harley barely heard her droning words, captured as he was by the movement of her foot and the light glinting off it.

A while later (Harley was unsure of how long), she stopped her leg's movement and said, "That will be all,'ll find a package on your desk..."

Dazed, Harley rose and went back to his desk. Indeed, there was a package there. He opened it to find a pair of sheer black pantyhose and a pair of black patent mary-jane shoes with a half-inch heel--in his size! There was a card inside:

Put these on. OBEY!

Harley didn't hesitate. He took the package into the bathroom and went into a stall. He removed his trousers, shorts, and socks and pulled the sheer hose up his legs and over his hips. Replacing his pants, he slipped his feet into the shoes. Though the feel of the heels was new to him, he found it not only comfortable but oddly arousing.

He left the bathroom and walked back to his desk, smiling at the sound of his heels clicking on the tiled floor.

Vera Demanden watched from her office. "Step one accomplished," she said to herself.


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Veronica Rodriguez Escort said...

Its a good introduction, but when are you gonna put the rest, i wana Know, what happend whit Harley

Pretty Sissy Dani said...

I hope to have part two ready within a week or so; this one may go to four or even five parts.