Monday, May 11, 2015

We Love Lucy Part Two

[Sorry this has taken so long; if you need to refresh your memory on Part One, find it here.]

Vera led the mesmerized young man to her home and into the room she called "the indoctrination chamber." She pointed to a chair before a screen. "Sit," she ordered.

"Yes, Mistress Vera," Luke murmured as he sank into the seat.

She placed a pair of headphones on him and then went to her computer desk. Perched on it, she scanned through the files until she found the one she wanted. She had often used it to turn ordinary straight girls into submissive lesbian bitches...but this would be a new use for it.

She pushed the "play" button and the screen before Luke came to life with a series of pictures of beautiful young women. They began to be seen making out with each other, kissing deeply...then they were caressing and sucking on each other's nipples. In the final set of pictures, one of them was forced to her knees before the other, her face buried deep in her partner's crotch....

Simultaneously, a voice spoke through the headphones..."I am a lesbian...I love women...I am submissive...I love dominant women...I will worship and adore dominant women...I will be aroused by their pussies, by their scent, by their is the only way I can be aroused..."

The pictures and voice continued repeating for several hours, as Vera prepared the next stage of Luke's transformation. She gathered appropriate clothing, cosmetics, and other necessary accoutrements. When she returned, she could see her victim had a massive erection, was drooling, and had the glassy stare of one who was completely under her control.

She stopped the computer file and removed the headphones. "Stand, Lucy Luvsnatch. That is your new name...what better name for a sexy bitch addicted to the scent and taste of a woman's juices.

"Who are you, little one?"

"I am Lucy Luvsnatch," the remade boy replied. "May I worship you, Mistress Vera?"

"All in good time, Lucy, all in good time..."


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