Monday, May 18, 2015

We Love Lucy Part Three

[The previous installments can be found here and here.]

One week later, Vera and her new submissive returned to the club. Vera made certain to inform Luke's former acquaintances to attend as well. She and Lucy were seated prominently in the "guest of honor" position when they arrived. Well, Vera was seated...Lucy was on the floor at her feet, legs curled under, gazing with undisguised adoration at her mistress.

Once Luke's friends were shown to their places, the Club's mistress of ceremonies introduced Vera. The boys--the only males in the Club--gasped as they recognized the woman Luke had left with seven nights ago. "Good evening," she began. "You all saw me escort a rather handsome and somewhat bold young man from here one week ago. Many of you probably suspected his fate. Others"--and here she purposefully gazed at the men--"had no idea."

She gestured to her mate. "Rise, Lucy Luvsnatch, and take the seat next to mine." Lucy stood and sat coquettishly. Her dark hair had been tightly permed and her face madeup expertly. She wore a white basque top and a tight, short little black skirt. Her feet were in white pumps. Her eyes had the tell-tale expressionless glassy gaze of the deeply hypnotized.

"Tell our friends who you were," Vera commanded.

"I was once a boy named Luke..." she began in a monotone.

"And who are you now?"

"I am Lucy Luvsnatch...a male lesbian, a submissive plaything who delights in eating pussy, who can only come when smelling and tasting a woman's juices."

The men recognized their former companion's voice and gasped. Vera turned to her transformed slave and raised her skirt and spread her legs. "Worship me, Lucy, worship me as you have longed to do for the past week..."

Lucy buried her face in Vera's crotch and quickly went to work, bringing her mistress to multiple orgasms...and with each one, the crowd could see that Lucy also came...until her male lesbian clitty-cream poured down her legs.

Vera turned back to the crowd. "Would anyone else like to enjoy Lucy's skilled tongue?" As the female onlookers lined up to take their turn, Vera walked over to Luke's male friends.

"And would any of you wish to join our lovely Lucy?" When one of them leaned forward to get a better look at Vera's still naked privates, she passed her hand over his face and said, "Sleep..."


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