Monday, October 17, 2016

Clueless, Too

Becky and Christy Conners were shopping in their favorite store, when Becky suddenly tapped her partner on the shoulder and pointed. "Look over the juniors section," she said. "See that kid browsing the dresses? That's Jesse Prentice...he's a student at school."

Becky was the coach and a counselor at an exclusive private school. Christy was once a teacher there as well, until he was caught using grades to blackmail female students into letting him wear their clothes. Becky learned of it and used her hypnotic skills to transform him into her mini-skirted live-in lover and spouse. (See Clueless in Miniskirts.)

"He seems really into it," Christy observed. "He's fingering the fabric...look he's picked that one off the rack and is sizing it against his own body!"

"Oh, he's a real sissy, isn't he?" Becky laughed. She strode over to him. "Hello, Jesse, nice to see you," she greeted him.

"Oh...ahh...Ms. Conners," Jesse answered, startled, and quickly returned the dress to the rack.

"That's a lovely dress," Becky commented. "But I don't think red is your color...maybe this one in blue?" she asked, removing another in the same style and holding it up against Jesse. "Yes, that one would really look good on you."

Jesse tried to stammer a denial, but Becky stopped him. "I know something about your problem," she said. "Why don't you stop by my office at school after dismissal and I can help you with it?" She saw the hesitation on his face. "Or I can tell everybody where I saw you this today...."

"I...I'll be there, Ms. Conners," Jesse replied.

"Good--you won't regret it," she said, going back to rejoin Christy. "I think we'll be starting something of a club," she whispered to her mate.

The next afternoon, moments after the final bell, there was a knock on the door of Becky's office. "Come in, Jesse," she called.

The boy shyly entered, blushing. "Really, Ms. Conners, that was all nothing at the store yesterday. I was just...killing time...that's all...."

"There's no need to lie, Jesse," Becky responded. "I've studied all about your particular interest, and I can help you deal with it." She pulled a small light out of her desk and set it on top. She pushed a button and it began to slowly blink. She went to the wall and turned off all the other lights in the room. "Watch the light, Jesse. Watch the light and listen to my voice..."

In a short time, Jesse was under a deep hypnotic trance. "Now, Jesse, you like to wear girls' clothes, don't you?"

"Yes, Ms. Conners," he droned.

"In fact, you're wearing some now, aren't you?"

"Yes, Ms. Conners."

"Show me." Jesse stood and undid his belt and lowered his pants, revealing a frilly pair of satin panties. "Very cute," Becky said. "Have you ever worn anything else?"

"A bra, sometimes...and high heels...."

"Have you ever worn makeup?" she asked.

"No, Ms. Conners...but I've thought about it."

Becky pulled out her makeup kit. "Would you like to see what you'd look like?"

"Yes, Ms. Conners," Jesse replied...and Becky could see his excitement fill his panties.

"Then sit back and let me work on you."

Thirty minutes later, the job was done...other than his male haircut, hardly any evidence of Jesse's true gender was left above the neck. "I want you to see this and remember it, I'm going to wake you up. But I can always return you to trance with the words girly time. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ms. Conners..." he mumbled.

"Then 1--2--3--awake!" Jesse's eyes blinked and he awoke, staring into the mirror Becky held before him.

"Oh my god...I'm beautiful!" he cried.

"Not yet," Becky said. "For now, you're just pretty...come by my house on Saturday and we'll work some more...."


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