Friday, October 7, 2016

Stepton High: The New Teacher--conclusion

Evelyn continued to appear in his androgynous look for several weeks...while the implant's programming instilled more and more feminine movements and gestures to his psyche. He began to have a hip-wiggling, mincing stride; he carried his hands in a limp-wristed way; his voice became soft and breathy, with a giggle he couldn't control.

Karen made weekly visits to his office with new changes...she ordered him to let his hair grow and to be sure to return for touch-ups to his new platinum color regularly. She sent him out to buy more girlish shoes...first just patent-leather flats with bows, but then increasingly higher heels.

As the month ended, Karen was summoned to Carla Weathers' home. She was greeted warmly and escorted to the inner sanctum, the computer lab where the implants were created and programmed. "I know you have taken control of Evelyn Tucker and I heartily approve!" Carla told the girl. "Do you have any specific plans for his future?"

Karen considered the question carefully. "I have grown quite fond of him," she admitted. "Would it be out of line for me to make him into a male lesbian who is permanently a teen tease of sorts?"

"Certainly not," Carla replied. "In fact, that is very close to the thoughts Principal Demanden and I had in our first discussions of him." She sat down at a computer terminal. "Now, tell me exactly what you have in mind...."

And, as Karen outlined her plans for the hapless teacher, Carla programmed his implant to begin changing Evelyn as described. The transformation would continue to be gradual, the new programming transmitted to his mind during sleep...but before the end of the semester, Evelyn Tucker would be no more.

Each night, the implant told him, "Your name is Evelyn are 16 years have always been will always be are devoted to Karen want to be with her, to make her love to her, to be her male lesbian slave..."

And so came the day when Evelyn Everyoung--dressed in a pretty minidress and heels, her shoulder-length platinum hair shining, her eyes glowing with the look of an implant-controlled Stepton slave--moved into Karen's home. Karen's mother greeted her warmly, she was hugged by the maid Terri (once Karen's father, Terrence) and made welcome.

"Well, that solves half our problem," Principal Demanden told Carla.

"What's the other half?"

"Finding another new teacher--and I promise to make sure she's female this time!"


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dklyde said...

Another good Stepton story!

Anonymous said...

Another nice chapter.