Saturday, October 1, 2016

Stepton High: The New Teacher--continued

That night, Evelyn did, indeed, have a strange dream. He was in Principal Demanden's office...but he was dressed in just a pink bra, pink panties and pink heels. She was smiling and saying something he couldn't hear...but his cock was rock-hard in those girlish panties...and when she finished, his cock erupted.

He awoke from the dream, shocked to find his cock still hard and his pajamas sticky with his cock-cream. Even stranger, his nipples were stiff and erect as well. He got up, cleaned himself up and dressed for work.

At school, he found himself with a new interest in what his students wore...and how they acted. All of them wore the sort of "uniform" of the school--a plaid skirt in a variety of lengths and colors with a top of their choice. But how they acted seemed to be split into two types: About half the students seemed to be self-assured, confident young women; the other half were either shy and coy or outrageous flirts. And the confident ones seemed to have some kind of control over the others.

Evelyn discovered he had an intense fascination with their clothes, comparing the clothing and shoe choices and thinking which ones were the most attractive. Surprisingly, he thought the clothes worn by the less dominant students to be more beautiful, more appealing. In his unguarded moments, he wondered what it would be like to dress that act that way.

He shook his head to clear it. "That's ridiculous," he thought. "I'm not only a man, I'm their teacher!" But when school ended and he drove home, he kept seeing the same dichotomy among all the women of the town (and where were the men, anyway?) and wishing he could be more like the flirty, silly ones.

After a couple of days, the compulsion became too strong. He stopped into the town's top clothing store and began browsing the racks. The proprietor, Allison Strong, knowing of the plans for the new teacher, immediately contacted Carla Weathers. "Evelyn Tucker is here--clearly interested in my stock. What should I do?"

"For the moment, steer him in the directions of the frilliest, girliest undies," Carla replied. "We're not ready for him to be outwardly feminine yet."

Accordingly, Evelyn left the shop with several sets of matching bras and panties...including one pair he wore out of the store.


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