Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Stepton High: The New Teacher--continued

And so it was that, the next day, Evelyn Tucker went to school with a pink bra and panty set under his male attire. He was certain it was undetectable...but in Stepton, where such clothing choices were common, it was not long before someone noticed. And that someone happened to be Karen Allbright--senior class president and head of the FFA (Future Feminizers of America)! She also spotted the tell-tale scar of his implant.

"So, Mr. Tucker is in the process of becoming a sissy!" she thought to herself. "He'll need a monitor--and I nominate myself!" Accordingly, later that day, she knocked on his office door. "Mr. Tucker, may I have a moment of your time?" she asked, politely.

Evelyn looked her over, in her retro minidress and boots. Surely this pretty teenager could not be a further threat to his masculinity. "Certainly, Karen, what can I do for you?"

"You can strip to your undies!" Karen commanded. At that point, the next part of the implant's programming took effect. Evelyn could not refuse a direct demand from a natural female. He nearly tore off his shirt and pants, revealing the rose-colored, lacy bra and panties beneath. "Very pretty...and appropriate for a budding sissy like you, Evelyn," Karen complimented him--using the feminine pronunciation of his name.

"But the pink is too easily hidden by your masculine clothing. Tomorrow, you will wear black undies...and a white shirt and white pants!" she ordered.

"Yes, Karen," Evelyn meekly replied.

"One more thing--I've made an appointment for you at the town beauty salon. It's at 4 o'clock, so you'll have plenty of time to get there after school. I've already told them what to do, so just behave and let them work."

"Yes, Karen."

Carla Weathers and Principal Demanden, of course, monitored everything that went on in Mr. Tucker's office...and they smiled at the way Karen had taken control. What could be more satisfyingly humiliating than to have this male authority figure under the sway of a student?

At precisely four PM, Evelyn entered the salon. "Evelyn!" cried Margaret, the proprietor. "Come in, everything is ready for you!" The other sissies in the salon looked on with sympathy...apparently the new teacher was to join their ranks. And the real women smirked--so the pathetic wimp thought he could escape, he would learn the truth.


At 8:30 the next morning, a much altered Evelyn Tucker walked into the school again. His hair was platinum blonde, cut in a pixie-ish bob. His face was lightly colored with cosmetics. His black bra showed clearly through his white shirt...and his black panties made a clear line under the tight white pants he wore!

This was just the beginning...


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