Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Reluctant Cheerleader, Part Two


The next day, Bob Leonard arrived at Audrey's house, invited on the premise that Audrey was ready to forgive and forget. "I knew that column would bring her around," he thought.

Audrey answered the door in a flower print top that exposed her midriff and a miniskirt with stripes. Bob grinned. "Hey there, honey. Give me a kiss."

She complied, smearing her dark pink lipstick on his lips. Then she led him to the couch, where his eyes began to glaze over. Margaret appeared in the doorway. "He looks about ready," she surmised. She looked at him closely and said, "Are you listening, Bob?"

"Yes, ma'am," he replied, slurring his words slightly.

"Excellent," Margaret said. "Audrey, just follow the script I outlined for you and everything should go terrificly. Have fun!" She walked to the door. "Call me when she's ready for her first public appearance!"

Audrey spoke softly and sensuously to the drugged and submissive student. "Bob, you will follow all my directions explicitly. Nothing I do or say will seem unusual. In fact, the final result will make you happy and horny. Understand?"

"Yes, Audrey."

She led him to the bathroom, where she stripped him and stood him under the shower. An hour later, his shoulder-length hair was a pale blonde color. She sat him at the vanity in her room, and began to make up his face, turning his slender male good looks into stunning feminine attractiveness.

The next step was lingerie: a padded bra giving him a 35-inch bust, panties, pantihose. On top came a cropped white t-shirt and a pale green miniskirt. On his feet were a pair of white sandals with four-inch heels. The final result was a coed who would turn heads in any high school.

Audrey posed him before a mirror. "Look at yourself--you are the epitome of feminine glamour and charm. You are Barbie--just like the doll! The only masculine part of you left is your cock--do you feel it growing hard as you gaze at yourself?"

"Yes, Audrey," the transformed boy answered.

"That is the way you will always feel when dressed this way. Or whenever I say rah rah sis boom bah--at those moments you will be Barbie, the perfect cheerleader! You will return to 'normal' when I say game's over."

Audrey spent the next several hours training Barbie in the Ridley Raider cheerleader routines; with hypnotic control, she knew them perfectly the first time through.

"Well, time's up," Audrey said at last. "Time to go home, Barbie. See you at the game on Friday."

"Sure, Audrey," Barbie replied in her breathy girlish voice. "See you then." She strolled out the door in feminine manner and shimmied her way to Bob's home. Shortly after arriving, the phone rang. "Hello," Barbie answered.

"Game's over!" came the voice from the other end.

Bob gasped when he realized how he was dressed. "Audrey, what's going on?" he demanded.

"You know--you do remember what happened at my house this afternoon, don't you?" Suddenly, all the events of the visit flooded back into Bob's mind. "Don't try to fight Bob, dear. See you Friday!"

Bob hung up and shook his head in confusion and terror!

More to come

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