Monday, April 13, 2009

Don't I Wish...

I've done this kind of thing before...taking recent photos of myself and altering them to a kind of "fantasy" image of how I'd like to look. This time around, though, instead of just giving myself the "va-va-voom" figure I'd love to have, I'm also playing around with other parts of the picture.

In this first one, I took my least fave outfit--the infamous gray suit--and tried to see if I could make it a little more interesting. So I turned the skirt into a long, tight hobble skirt that somewhat outlines my legs. Did it work?

In the next one, I wanted to create the effect of posing outdoors. This isn't just pasting the image onto an exterior. I played with the hair and the skirt to give a breeze-blown effect and attempted to make the lighting match. Your thoughts?

Finally--for now--here's that sexy schoolgirl look. Here, I turned the top into a midriff-baring crop top and put Dani on a school campus, complete with appropriate lighting. Is it effective?

There will be more to come.

1 comment:

Karen Singer said...

Wow! Hey, everything you tried to accomplish worked perfectly. My favorite one by far though is the outdoor picture - fantastic!