Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Look Ahead

In about a month, we'll have completed the "Woman I'd Love to Be" contest, and I've been thinking about a replacement. I've decided to do a series of polls with the opening "The man I'd love to see turned into a girl is..." and then give a choice of four or five male celebrities.

As each winner is picked from week to week, I'd do a photo manipulation to give him a feminine appearance. Then, just like for the current contest, we'd go through quarter-, semi-, and finals rounds.

As a start, here's a sample of what I'd do. Here's Ben Affleck, and his "sister":

With my dressing curtailed for the next few months, I expect to be doing a lot more artwork (I may up the schedule on posting new cartoons to once a week for the summer) and more photo manipulation as well. If you have a fave pic of yourself--in femme or male mode--that you'd like to see glammed up, drop me a line. The e-mail's on the right.

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