Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pre-May Day Dressing, Part Four

Last post for today; here's my shortie nightgown. And, yes, I'm wearing the new balloon boobs. Do they look OK?

I did something tonight I rarely do. Usually, after I finish a photo session, I take off the wig and the jewelry...the wig's too hot, and the jewelry gets in the way when I'm working. But tonight, I left everything on as I sat and enjoyed a quiet night alone.


Karen Singer said...

Hi Dani,

Great pictures as usual - and the boobs look great. Did you touch the pictures up at all?

I'm afraid I can't decide which is my favorite outfit, but the checked skirt seems to come quickly to mind.


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Just the usual touchups to remove the beard and add digital makeup. I did nothing to the figure...oh, except for the checked skirt one where I'm leaning over...I emphasized but did not change the size of the boobs in that one.