Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Odd Developments

It's strange how quickly things can change. I thought the discussion Sunday night would dominate my homelife this week...but by Monday afternoon, it was almost an afterthought.


Because Monday, elder son called and announced he wanted to bring his girlfriend home for Easter weekend. First, of course, there was the question of appropriateness. Wife and I decided we knew they'd abide by our rules while here. Second, there was...OMG! We have to get the house in order! Most importantly, there was the pigsty of a room that our two sons share when they are home from college. (Fortunately, younger son is not coming home for the weekend.)

So, for the next several days, I'll be "shoveling out" that room and making it semi-presentable for a guest. Suddenly, we are both far more interested in being good parents and good hosts than anything else in our lives.

This gives me time to rethink a few things as well. I'm going to be taking all the femme stuff...every stitch, every wig, every shoe...back to the storage locker for the next couple of weeks and I'm seriously considering only dressing when I know my wife will be away, instead of taking advantage of nearly every day off from work, as I'd been doing since Christmas.

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