Saturday, October 17, 2009

Life in Stepton: The High School, part one

Incoming Fresh-Sissies

Every year, there's a new influx of boys destined to become boy-girls in Stepton. Within the halls of Stepton High, these "fresh-sissies" are put under the control of our senior female domination team. Here are three of this year's most successful transformations:

Pettied Patty

Hard to believe this prissy little cutie was once the hard-eyed male seen here? Not when you consider the power of the Stepton Implant V2 and the ingenuity of his student dominatrix, Monica Prince, captain of this year's domination team.

Working in conjunction with Patrick's mother, Monica developed a fetish for old-fashioned pettis, cinched-in waists, and formal gloves in the renamed Patty. Now the little darling is never seen without her pouffy skirts and pearl necklace.

Mom and Monica have Pettied Patty enrolled in Stepton High's "Happy Homemaker" course of instruction. They are certain she'll make some lucky girl a perfect maid or sissy-hubby (maybe both!) after graduation.

Leggy Lori

He looks like he'd be a football player anywhere else, but under the influence of the Implant and domination team senior Tasha Ward, Lawrence is a member of the sissy jazz dance ensemble and head of the cheerleaders!

Thanks to Implant V2, Lori's breasts are an impressive 36C and her legs are a full 35 inches long! Perched on the spike heels of her tap shoes, she's a walking invitation to sex.

And on the sidelines of the basketball court, Lori leads her fellow "cheer-bimbos," encouraging the Stepton Feminizers in their campaign to humiliate every male roundball team in the state!

Lori's taking the "Dim Bimbo" set of courses, aiming at a career in show-business, where the skills she's learning in Casting Couch 101 are sure to come in handy.

Sci-Fi Sally

Salvatore came to our town with an interest in science-fiction and fantasy, so his student dominatrix, junior Maggie Roberts, decided to play on that hobby in developing his female self.

Thus was born Sally, who spends most of her time in the most outrageous (and revealingly sexy!) of SF costumes. She was a delightful Sailor Moon on the fresh-sissy trip to the amusement park over spring break.

Sci-Fi Sally has also been given a special fetish for revealing her long smooth legs...and she generally attends classes in some of the shortest skirts Stepton High has ever seen. Her instructors in the "Hospitality" courses are always having to reprimand her for flashing her pretty panties. We expect Sally to be quite the "hostess with the mostest" upon graduation!

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Thanks for keeping Stepton High alive for us.