Friday, October 30, 2009

Oktoberfest--Happy Hallowe'en!

I've been building up to this all month. I wanted to do something that would be my trick-or-treat outfit, if I had the courage to actually go out and do that--or even go to a party dressed! I was split on the maid's outfit or the schoolgirl look and decided on the schoolgirl earlier this week.

As you'll note...I decided to forego the wig and went a little heavier on the makeup, wanting a deliberately feminized male effect for the final look.

The outfit consists of a white blouse, blue pull-over sweater, plaid micro-skirt over black pettis, black knee socks, and white sandals. Other accessories are silver jewelry, wide black belt, and white hair bow.

More pics on Flickr. Next week we begin a new month.

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Karen Singer said...

Oh, how "sweet???" Nice one!