Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October shopping

The new Target in my area opened today, so I decided to check it out, hoping that--now that all the confusion of having two stores in town was worked out--I could finally find a full selection of new items.

Well, it worked. I saw a half-dozen dresses and a number of tops and skirts I liked. I even bought one...a beautiful colorful see-through print dress with an underslip from the Mossimo line. I wanted to show it to you, but apparently Target's website doesn't always carry everything the stores do, and vice versa. Anyway--you'll see it on me, tomorrow.

They also had a much better selection of shoes...I have to debate how much I want to spend and what I really need to have (or want to have, more likely). There was one gorgeous pair of D'Orsay pumps...and I don't have anything in that style, so....maybe next pay check.

BTW, I was daring on this trip--wore panties, knee-socks and my lacy camisole (peeking out) along with my black patent kitten heels. I think one women noticed the shoes--they were making quite an erotic racket, click-clacking on the tile floors!

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