Thursday, October 1, 2009


My dressing for the tenth month of the year begins with this ensemble, cobbled together from two different Kmart purchases. The top is from the Jaclyn Smith line, bought last winter when I was looking for party-like attire. The skirt is from the Attention line, bought in the spring.

Accessories are the wide black belt, black hose, black mary-janes, and silver jewelry. You'll note a new headband/bow in these shots. I've discovered the place I always should have been looking for these girly things: Clair's, a mall chain that caters to the pre-teen and young teen set.

I was immensely pleased with this photo session; every one of 12 poses came out just as I envisioned it...even the smiling ones, which I'm usually displeased with (explaining why I'm so solemn in most of my shots). The proof is in the rest of the pictures, now on Flickr.

Another photo session this afternoon, with another version of the layered look.

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Karen Singer said...

I really like this outfit - especially the skirt.

Your pictures, poses, everything seem to be getting better and better. More and more natural.