Thursday, October 22, 2009

Life in Stepton: More about the high school

[Continuing our look at life in "the town that loves women, whatever their gender," adapted from the old Geocities website]

Student Activities

Spring Revue

These pretty little things are the chorus line from this year's Spring Revue. Unfortunately, as you can tell, they had a hard time keeping in step. That is, until choregrapher Madame Terpsichore sent new programming to their Implants that had them tapping and kicking like the Rockettes!

Sissy Safety Patrol

Some of our brighter little boy-girls are permitted to join the Sissy Safety Patrol. They assist the pretty little things at our elementary school in getting to class safely. (Of course, they aren't allowed to do anything really important, like reporting accidents. The real girls handle those kind of things!)

Cocktease Team

Stepton has long had a tradition of recruiting students to its high school...and the Cocktease Team is an important part of that recruitment process. What red-blooded male could resist this sextet of lovelies? And how could they know they'd soon be just as beautiful and sexy?

Feminization and Domination Team

Dominant lesbian feminizers are not just born, they are trained! And these five gorgeous young women are Stepton High's pride--the Feminization and Domination Team. After the Cockteasers get the teenage lads into the trap, it is sprung and completed by the FDT. Stepton High's sissy population has increased by 35 percent since the FDT came into existence!


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