Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lots of Leg

Let's begin today with a new dress--a very short sweater dress from the Route 66 line at Kmart. Next time I wear it, I will definitely go with pantyhose, not stockings...and I may use my own tighter tan belt, rather than this one that came with it.

Accessories are black headband, gold jewelry, dark hose, and brown boots (first time wearing them this season).

Despite the length, I'm quite pleased with the look of this dress.

Second outfit for the day was almost equally short--the pink and gray dress from Target.

Accessories are red headband, silver jewelry (with one new item, noted below), dark hose, and poppy pink patent pumps (try saying that three time fast!).

The new item, shown in close-up here, is an initial pendant. Ever since I first started wearing jewelry, I have searched for a "D" pendant...it is either a very popular initial (so that it is most often sold out) or a very unpopular one (so that stores don't order a lot of it). Anybody have any idea as to which?

More pics on Flickr; two more outfits tomorrow.

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Karen Singer said...

I almost wonder if a black belt, or at least something that offers more contrast would go better with the brown sweater dress. I like it though.