Monday, October 18, 2010

Mid-October Dressing, 1

Well, it finally feels like fall in the northeast, so I decided to bring out some appropriate clothing, starting with my red cable-knit turtleneck sweater. I paired it with the blue jeans for this session.

Accessories are a red headband, gold jewelry, white belt, and white sandals. One of the neat things about turtlenecks, I've discovered, is how they disguise a double chin!

You'll note I'm wearing the new wig I talked about in yesterday's posting. More on that in a moment.

For my second outfit today, I went for something more filmy--the multi-striped dress with the black underslip. I've been looking for a chain belt to wear with this for a while and finally found one last week.

The other accessories are a pale blue headband, silver jewelry, light hose, and yellow peep-toe sling-back pumps. All together a more summery contrast to the cool-weather clothing above.

I really like the pose in that last shot. Everything seems right about it.

Now--about the wig. Here are two portrait shots:

It looks way better than I thought it would, actually. Very natural, very femme in a mature way. I won't wear it all the time, but it's definitely going to be my default look from now on, I think. I'll probably turn one of these into my profile pic.

More pics on Flickr; additional outfits tomorrow.


Karen Singer said...

I like the new wig too. I agree that it's "you" in a more mature way.


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Thanks, Karen. Nice to know someone agrees with me.